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Chapter 16

Diane still looked a little pale.

She had never witnessed something like that before.

“You…why are you so good at fighting?”

Was that Ethan earlier?

The husband that married into her family?

Diane felt like she was watching a movie.

But then perhaps even a movie wasn’t this impressive.

Was Ethan seriously just a homeless man?

“Homeless people have to snatch for food. If you don’t know how to fight, you’d die,” Ethan carelessly replied.

Diane was speechless. She knew that if she continued asking, Ethan would tell her nonsense like this was one of the skills their Beggars’ Sect used to survive.

“Alright now, go do your work.”

Diane looked at Ethan and gave up asking. She gathered the project managers and arranged for the work that they needed to do.

Ethan stood at the door and narrowed his eyes.

“Looks like there are always people waiting to die.”

He didn’t really worry too much about small fry. But if they courted death, that is, if they tried to touch Diane, then he was going to exterminate them without hesitation!

Diane’s meeting went strangely smoothly.

The project managers had initially wanted to make things difficult for Diane since everyone knew her position in the Palmer family was very low.

She was so young and became the one in charge of such a large project, and they were not too happy about that.

But then who dared after seeing that grim reaper at the door?

“You must aim to finish the factory in three months, then we can put this place to good use.”

Diane told them seriously, “Once the project starts, the supply chain will be set up. When that happens, I’ll need everyone’s cooperation to make sure this project goes smoothly!”

The moment she went into work mode, Diane was like a different person completely.

Strict, serious, careful, professional.

Ethan leaned against the door and looked at Diane seated at the table, his eyes filled with gentleness.

This woman was really mesmerizing when she was doing her work seriously.


Back at home in Magnolia Estates.

April was massaging William’s legs.

“Dear, it’s been hard on you.”

Guilt was written all over William’s face.

He had been paralyzed for so many years, but April remained by his side. He knew how much his wife had suffered, but she still continued to endure quietly.

“It’s not hard. I married you, so I have to take care of you.”

April smiled as she said this. “Alright now, you stay at home and watch TV, I need to go to the hospital to get medicine for you, yours is almost finished.”

She went to her room and picked up her purse to find that she didn’t have any cash left.

So she went to Diane’s room and took the debit card she usually used for household needs. Diane always left it in the drawer, and April could take it to withdraw money whenever necessary.

April opened the drawer and saw a black card inside. It didn’t look like the card she remembered.

But she didn’t think too much about it and brought the card to the bank to withdraw money.

After getting a queue number and waiting for a long time, April finally heard her number and sat down at the counter.

“Hello, please withdraw everything.”

April remembered that this card was only left with slightly over a thousand dollars. The medicine alone cost nearly a thousand and she still had buy groceries, so she might as well withdraw the entire amount out.

The teller saw that she was an older person and didn’t ask her to use the ATM, so she took the card from April.

But when she saw the card in her hands, her face immediately paled.

“Auntie, you…you want to withdraw everything?”

“That’s right,” April smiled a little sheepishly.

It was only a little over a thousand dollars, and she was afraid that if she said the amount, the teller would laugh at her.

But who knew? The teller became even more nervous. She looked at the special logo on the card and her hands trembled. Her throat went dry instantly.

“Please wait a moment!”

She immediately flew off her chair and staggered into the general manager’s office with the card.

“Manager! Something has happened!”

The teller was so nervous. “Something big has happened!”

The general manager was making tea and he raised an eyebrow at her. “Look at how nervous you are. What’s happened now?”


The teller passed him the black card. “There’s an auntie outside who brought this card in and said she wants to withdraw everything!”

The general manager lazily took a look and he instantly awoke. He knocked his cup of tea over, scalding himself and making him jump up from his chair.

This was one of those special black cards!

With a minimum of one billion dollars in the bank!

Withdraw everything? They didn’t have this much cash in their safe!

“What does that auntie look like?”

He immediately calmed down. There were very few in the world who could own this card and he’d never heard anyone having it in a small place like Greencliff.

“Very normal looking, dressed very simply, doesn’t look rich,” replied the teller immediately.

She was quite sure of her judgment. That jacket that April was wearing looked like she’d been wearing it for at least five or six years. “Could it be…she picked it up?”

She didn’t dare to say the word ‘steal’, but there was disdain on her face.

“Humph! How bold of her to steal such a card! She’s asking for it!”

The general manager immediately ordered, “Tell security to hold her down and prepare to call the police!”

This was a rare card that most people couldn’t possibly own, much less a normal looking middle aged auntie.

April was still waiting outside, wondering why the teller was taking so long to come back.

She was only withdrawing a little more than a thousand dollars, surely the bank had enough cash on hand right?

“Madam, please come with us.”

Suddenly two burly security guards walked over, their faces nasty looking, flanking April on her left and right.

“What is it? What do you want?”

April got a shock. What did these two security guards want?

“We have instructions from the manager. Please cooperate, otherwise we will have to use force.”

The two guards then pulled April off the chair, intending to drag her into the general manager’s office.

“Let go of me! What are you doing in broad daylight!”

April started shouting in shock and a lot of people started staring, making her feel embarrassed.

She had never done anything illegal in her life, how could they do this to her?

“You’d better cooperate!”

One of the guards pushed April hard and she fell onto the chair. He wanted to do well in front of the general manager. “Manager, I’ve brought her here!

“What on earth are you trying to do!” April angrily shouted.

“What are we trying to do?”

The general manager snorted. “Auntie, you’re really bold!”

April didn’t understand.

“Stop pretending.”

There was disdain on the teller’s face as she looked more closely at April. From the old and tattered clothes and wrinkles all over her face, she knew April was someone with no money.

How could she own such a card?

“Spit it out. Did you steal this card or pick this up from somewhere!”

April’s face immediately went red from fury.


She never thought the day would come when she would be accused of stealing.

No matter how hard it got for the family financially, she wouldn’t even borrow from her relatives. How could she have gone stealing?

“You…you’re slandering me!”

April looked at the card, “That card belongs to my family!”

“Oho, auntie, the police are on their way here, so there’s no use in trying to get yourself out of this!”

The teller scoffed. If she hadn’t smelled a rat fast, her appraisal this year was doomed!

Luckily she reacted quickly, otherwise she would have been done in by this old hag.

“You’re so old already but you’ve done such a disgraceful thing, how embarrassing!”

April couldn’t stand it anymore when she heard that.

“You let go of me…let go of me!”

April tried to struggle free but the security guard slapped her across the face. “You’d better bloody cooperate!”

Five bright red finger marks could be seen on April’s face.

She was completely shocked.

She had never been humiliated like this before in her entire life. This slap was not just a slap on her face, but her pride!

“How dare you hit me…I’ll fight it out with you!”

April’s eyes turned bloodshot as if she had gone mad. She broke free and made a pounce.

But of course she was no match for the security guard. She was immediately pushed onto the floor and grazed her palm.

“How dare you make trouble!”

The general manager shouted angrily, “Tie her up!”

The two security guards pushed April back on the chair, found a rope and tied her arms and legs up.

In an instant, there were rope burns on April’s wrists.

“Let me go! Let me go!”

April couldn’t break free and her tears couldn’t stop flowing. “How can you bully me like this!”

“Bully you?”

The teller only laughed coldly. “You nearly got me into deep trouble, you know that!”

“Do you know what kind of card this is? This card requires a minimum of one billion dollars in the bank account! For an old lady like you, it’s not bad if you can even take out $100,000. How could you own such a card?”

The teller was so angry her face was all red. Earlier she felt her soul leave her body when April asked her to withdraw everything in the card.

One billion!

April felt a shudder go down her spine. One billion?

There was one billion dollars in this card?

Her lips trembled and her face was filled with disbelief.

“Regret it now? Too late!”

Looking at how frightened April had become, the general manager was very sure that this card didn’t belong to April. Otherwise, why did she look like she couldn’t believe what was happening?

Every person who owned such a card was in a high position, with great influence and insurmountable wealth.

If the owner found out that their card had been stolen and their money withdrawn, their bank’s reputation would take a fatal hit!

Thankfully they realized something was wrong fast, and avoided this terrible calamity.

The general manager gleefully thought to himself about how he would be considered one of the heroes in this incident after April confessed everything and got thrown into jail.

If he could also get in contact with the owner of this card, then his future was bright!

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

He pulled April head back by the hair. He didn’t even bother hiding the disgust and disdain on his face.

If April wanted to try to get out of this, he was ready to call the police to take her away.

“I want to call my daughter…”

April’s voice was trembling, and the tears never stopped flowing.

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