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Chapter 158

Gentry immediately tried to dash in when he saw that the entrance was guarded. “I want to go in!”

“I’m sorry but nobody is allowed to go in now!” Brother Geoff stood by the door and glanced at Gentry. “Did you hear me?”

“My younger brother is inside!” Gentry shouted back and glanced around. When he saw that Brother Geoff’s eyes became colder, he took a deep breath and continued more calmly, “I’m from the Price family in Fairbanks, I know Ethan.”

When he heard Gentry mention Ethan, Brother Geoff looked him up and down.

“Let him go in,” Tom Foster said as he walked out.

Gentry immediately went in, but the men with him were prevented from going in.

“Wait outside here for me.” Gentry felt more and more uneasy. There was such a huge commotion here.

There must have been more than three hundred men both inside and outside this place.

He really hoped that the one in trouble upstairs wasn’t Blake. Otherwise it would really be a big problem.

Gentry Price ran up the stairs, panting away. There were men standing on every floor along the way, and the stern expression on everyone’s faces made Gentry feel even more shocked and afraid than ever.

This city of Greencliff was really different from before.

Could it be that Ethan was the one behind all of this?

From afar Gentry could see a puddle of blood. Blood immediately rushed to Gentry’s head and even his neck was all red.

Those three strong men had been dragged away by this time, but the blood on the floor…

Gentry took a deep breath and ran over. The moment he entered the room, he saw Blake lying motionless on the ground.

“Blake!” He ran over and put a finger under Blake’s nose. He breathed a sigh of relief when he confirmed Blake was still breathing.

“Blake? Blake!” Gentry shook Blake to wake him up.

Blake opened his eyes and pain filled his face. When he saw that Gentry had come, his lips trembled, “Bro, save me…save me…”

Gentry clenched his fists.

He looked up to see Ethan holding a frightened Diane in his arms.

Gentry could hear his own heart pounding. Things were going to get tricky.

The last time, Joe had only teased Diane verbally and Ethan threw him out after breaking his legs. Ethan’s indulgence of Diane had gone beyond the comprehension of most others already.

But at least Ethan and Gentry weren’t enemies.

“Ethan, I’m sorry for not teaching my brother well,” Gentry immediately apologized. “I didn’t expect him to do something like this and nearly brought harm to Diane, I really…”

“Nearly?” Ethan turn to glare at Gentry. His icy cold stare made Gentry shudder.

“Diane cried so badly and was so scared. You call this just nearly?” Ethan’s tone of voice had become cold. “You’re really good at trying to wriggle out of this situation.”

Gentry clenched his teeth. “But it’s not bad enough to deserve death, right? For my sake, spare my brother’s life and my family will compensate you however much you want.”

Ethan suddenly smiled. He was smiling, but he looked even more terrifying than the devil to Gentry.

“For your sake?” Ethan spat disdainfully. “What are you? How are you worthy for me to do anything for you?”

Gentry’s expression changed. He didn’t expect Ethan to be so difficult to handle.

“Blake Price is definitely dead meat,” Ethan had passed his judgment on Blake Price. “I’ll give you a chance to leave now. If you don’t want to go, then you can stay here forever with Blake.”

Ethan didn’t mince his words.

Gentry shuddered. He could feel the thick murderous air emanating from Ethan and he was certainly not going to show any pity.

“Bro! Don’t leave me here! Don’t leave me here!” Blake wailed miserably.

If his arms and legs weren’t broken, he would have held on tightly to Gentry’s leg.

“Ethan…it is better to have one less enemy. If you kill my brother, my family…” He paused to take a deep breath. “The Price family will not let you off.”

Ethan thought he heard a joke.

“I’m going to say this one last time. If you don’t want to leave, then stay here!” He glared at Gentry. “The Price family? If they dare to even take one step in Greencliff, then I will make sure they disappear off the face of the earth!”

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