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Chapter 157

That strong man went flying right out and his head was nothing but blood.

He crashed hard on the floor and stopped breathing immediately.

The other two strong men’s expressions changed. “Stop there!”

They made a move at the same time, but how could they be a match for the furious Ethan?

It was one punch for each man.

The two men crashed onto the floor, dying in indignation with their eyes open wide.

They would never know how powerful this man was. One punch was all it took to cause their hearts to implode.

Ethan didn’t even look at them. He lifted a leg and kicked the door hard.

Blake was just about to pounce on Diane when there was a terrible blast behind him. The door had flown right in and crashed with a deafening sound on the floor.

He quickly turned and roared angrily, “Who is it?! Who dares to disturb me!!”

What were those three useless idiots outside doing?!

Blake Price turned and the first thing he saw was Ethan exuding a murderous aura, and Blake narrowed his eyes.

He was here so quickly?

Ethan scanned the room and found Diane curled up in a corner, her face filled with fear and panic and covered in tears as she gripped the handle of a lamp tightly.

In that instant, the murderous air on Ethan’s body rushed out like the sea.

“You’ve actually found your way here,” Blake still didn’t realize he was in danger. The moment he saw it was Ethan, he laughed coldly and said, “Just in time! Isn’t it exciting to witness how I’m going to have my way with your wife?”

Ethan made his move!

Without the slightest bit of hesitation!

He was like a rocket – his speed was incredible!

He seemed to reach Blake in an instant. The raging wind blew so hard that Blake’s eyes couldn’t stay open and he didn’t even have time to feel fear.


The last kick was in Blake Price’s groin.


There was a blood curdling scream.

Both his arms and legs had been broken, while his groin was just a mess of blood.

Fresh blood flowed out as he rolled on the floor. His face was pale and ashen, and his howls made one’s hair stand on end.

After a short while, Blake lost consciousness.

Ethan walked over to the corner of the room. Diane was still very afraid and didn’t even dare to look up.

“Don’t come any nearer! Go away! Go away!”

She swung the only thing she could use as a weapon in her hands.

“Diane! It’s me, Diane! Don’t be afraid!”

Ethan squatted down and let Diane swing the lamp in her hands onto himself. “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. I’m here, I’m Ethan!”

Diane suddenly stopped when she heard the word ‘Ethan’.

She looked up. When she saw Ethan’s face, she burst out crying and flew into his arms.

“I’m so scared! I’m so scared!”

Ethan held Diane and gently patted her back. “I’m sorry I was late, that’s why you became so scared.”

Diane just kept crying and couldn’t say anything else as she held onto Ethan tightly.

She was really scared. If Blakehad really defiled her, she would just jump off the building.

She thought she was doomed and Ethan wouldn’t have come in time to save her. But Ethan came, he came after all…

Diane clung onto Ethan’s neck tightly with both arms and refused to let go.

Ethan didn’t say anything and let her hold onto him.

After a while, her crying subsided and she started to calm down.

Ethan continued to hold Diane in his arms and gently said, “Don’t be scared, I’m here.”

Diane nodded obediently. This was the first time she felt that Ethan’s embrace was so safe and so warm.

At this moment, Gentry had reached the hotel!

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