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Chapter 156

Even Mayor Tyson got the news that Diane had been kidnapped. He sent an order to get the police to investigate who on earth had the gall to do such a bold thing.

The murderous air around Ethan was enough to freeze the air instantly.

“Got it, they’re at Deep Sea Hotel!” That was a call from Tom Foster.

Ethan didn’t say anything. He threw the phone to one side and sped off in the car, the engine revving like a wild animal.

At Deep Sea Hotel.

Blake had already booked a room.

“Don’t touch me!” Diane said angrily.

The three strong men merely smiled coldly. They held on tightly to Diane, afraid that she might break free and escape.

They knew what Blake liked. Since he had booked such a large room, then there were many tricks up his sleeve.

“Young Master Blake, do you need us to hold her down?” asked one of the men.

It wasn’t as if they hadn’t done something like that before.

“No need.” Blake had a lecherous smile and his eyes shone wildly.

Even though Diane was in office wear, it was hard to hide her curvaceous figure.

He imagined taking her clothes off one piece at a time, and was sure that it was going to be very interesting.

He became especially excited when he thought about how Diane would struggle, scream and have a face filled with terror!

“Wait outside the door and don’t let anyone come in. I might take a few hours here.”

“Got it!”

The three of them pushed Diane onto the large bed and walked out, then locked the door securely behind them.

“What are you trying to do?!” Diane coldly shouted. “I’m warning you, my husband won’t let you off!”

“Your husband? That useless bum?” Blake Price snorted disdainfully. “After I’m done with you, I’m going to cripple him.”

“It’s a pity that he got lucky today and wasn’t with you. Otherwise I’m going to humiliate you right in front of his face!”

Blake said these words as he undid his belt. His eyes continued staring at Diane from head to toe, and the fire inside him was already impossible to control.

“Diane, you should have listened to me. I hate it the most when others don’t listen to me,” Blake said with a cold smile. “Relax, there are more than ten cameras in this room, so I’m sure you’ll become very obedient in the future.”

Diane’s expression changed completely.

What was this Blake Price trying to do?!

She immediately moved back and grabbed the lamp near the bed. She swung it forcefully, “Don’t come any nearer! I said don’t come any nearer!”

There was fear and panic in her voice, and tears started rolling down her face.

Ethan! Where was Ethan?!

Blake burst out laughing and walked over when he saw how panicky Diane was.

“Are you scared? Frightened? Go ahead and scream! Even if your throat becomes hoarse, nobody will come and save you!”

“Ethan! Ethan!” Diane started screaming in fear.

Ethan would always come to her rescue whenever she was in danger, so where was he? Where was he now?

Ethan had just dashed into the hotel with more than a hundred others. They immediately sealed off the hotel and didn’t allow anyone to leave.

After checking the room number with the reception, Ethan flew up the stairs. He went up at lightning speed, and the moment he reached the stair lobby, he could hear someone calling his name.

That was Diane’s voice!

There were three men guarding the door.

The moment Ethan saw them, the murderous air on his face instantly exploded.

Ethan dashed over.

“Who is it? Whoever dares to disturb Young Master Blake is asking to die!”

The three strong men laughed coldly and didn’t think much of Ethan at all. One of them even dashed over and swung a huge fist towards Ethan’s head.


This was the first time Ethan really wanted to kill someone.

He swung a fist out too, a fist as ferocious as a dragon!

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