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Chapter 155

“This way please.”

Two men held Diane on both sides and got her into the car, and they left soon after.

“CEO Palmer! CEO Palmer!” Ashley was still sprawled on the ground and she tried to chase after them, but she couldn’t even stand.

Diane had gone with Blake Price to protect her, and she couldn’t help but burst out in tears.

“CEO Palmer…”

She knew that Diane was too kindhearted and didn’t want anything bad to happen to Ashley.

But Ashley didn’t dare to think of what would happen after Diane left with that crazy Blake Price.


The lift door opened and Ethan came walking out with the documents in one hand and his phone in the other.

There was no signal in the lift and he couldn’t make a call. The first thing he saw when he came out of the lift was Ashley on the floor.

Ethan immediately ran over.

“What’s going on?”

“Brother Ethan! Blake Price took CEO Palmer away! Save her! Quickly save her!”

Ashley started bawling when she saw Ethan and she grabbed his hand. “It’s all my fault, I didn’t protect CEO Palmer well, I…”

“Don’t worry.”

Ethan quickly called the security guards to come down and send Ashley to the hospital.

He got the others to check the security footage and track the car down.

“Tom, Diane has been kidnapped, track her down. The car license number is…”

Tom Foster could hear the terrifying murderous air emanating from the voice on the phone.

“Hurry! Everyone is to move out and track this car down now!” Tom Foster had an equally murderous look on his face.

“Bloody hell, how dare he kidnap Big Boss’ woman! Does he think I’m dead or what?!”

The entire illegal circle of Greencliff started moving.

Some of them were taking a bath, and immediately put on their clothes and rushed out the moment they heard the news.

Some of them working and threw down everything they were doing like they had gone mad.

Some of them were entangled with a woman lying below them, but they grabbed a piece of clothing and ran without saying a word…

All of Greencliff reached its boiling point in that instant!

“Hurry! Hurry! Find this car! Now!”

“Go to the west side!”

“We’re headed for the east side right now!”

“Send two groups of people to the south, we must find this car as soon as possible!”

There were people running up and down the streets and everyone had a murderous look on their faces.

There were cars speeding in various directions and everybody could sense that something big was going to happen.

The moment he entered Greencliff, Gentry could sense that something was wrong.

“Had something happened?”

He had a bad premonition in his heart. It had only been a month since he was last here, but Greencliff seemed completely different from before.

“Damn it! He’s not picking up!” Gentry called Blake several times but nobody picked up the phone. He was sure that this idiot wasn’t picking up on purpose.

“Still haven’t confirmed where those three are?” he looked up and asked.

“Just got the information. They’re at Deep Sea Hotel!”

“Go there now!”

Gentry hoped hard that nothing had happened. Otherwise Blake was doomed if he was trapped in Greencliff.

At the same time, Ethan had already made his move.

The few of them training at the facility had also received a call from Tom Foster.

Brother Geoff didn’t even bother wiping the mud off his body and there was a murderous air boiling within him.

“Bloody asshole, how dare they touch Boss Diane!” Brother Geoff cursed angrily. “I’ll make sure he dies!”

“Brothers, someone kidnapped Boss Diane!”

The moment Brother Geoff shouted this, all the wolves instantly went insane.

Ethan had trained them and helped them to improve, while Diane had always shown them concern and given them not just high salaries, but sufficient respect.

Number 3 had been sent to protect William, but the last time he came back, he started crying when he talked about William and April. He said they never treated him as a bodyguard or a driver but treated him like their own son. He said that he had been orphaned from a young age, but now he felt like he had parents and he was going to protect them with his life!

This family was so kindhearted and someone tried to harm them?

That was unforgivable!

All of Greencliff had reached its boiling point!

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