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Chapter 154

“This silly girl, what’s she so nervous about? I won’t eat her.”

Ethan wasn’t sure who would eat who if this went on.

He picked up the files and went running after Diane. Diane had already taken the lift to the carpark with Ashley.

In the basement carpark.

“CEO Palmer, I’ve already sorted out all the documents on the factory. The report that I gave you is the latest version.”

There were two sets of high heels tapping away loudly on the floor.

Diane suddenly realized that she had left in too great of a hurry earlier and forgot to take two of the documents.

It was all Ethan’s fault!

He was the one who threw her heart into confusion!

“They’re still on my desk. Ashley, could you go up and get them?”

Diane didn’t dare to go upstairs. She was afraid that if she went upstairs, Ethan wouldn’t let her out again.

The way they held each other together earlier didn’t seem quite the same.


Ashley turned to go upstairs when suddenly a few shady figures emerged from the elevator, and she became nervous.

“Since you’re here, then you’re not leaving.”

Ashley instantly became very nervous. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“Hoho.” Blake Price walked out. “What do I want? Of course I want to talk business with your CEO Palmer.”

Diane frowned. She didn’t expect Blake Price to appear here and try to trap her in the carpark.

“Don’t try anything funny!” Ashley immediately stood in front of Diane. “Mr Price, please restrain yourself.”

“Little girl, get lost. I have a project worth billions to discuss further with CEO Palmer, don’t tell me you want to be part of it?”

Blake Price didn’t hold himself back as he looked Ashley up and down and lost interest in her. “CEO Palmer, tell me, do you want me to take action? Or are you going to obediently get into the car?”

Ethan could count his lucky stars that he didn’t come along. Otherwise Blake was determined to break his limbs!

Blake had it all planned. After he was done violating Diane, he would go back to look for Ethan.

“CEO Palmer, run!” Ashley quickly shouted.

But the three men were very strong and they grabbed Ashley at once and threw her to one side before heading for Diane.

“CEO Palmer, run!!” Ashley became even more anxious and threw all the documents down as she pounced over and grabbed the leg of one of the men. “Run! Hurry! Run!”

“Get lost!”

That man turned and kicked Ashley hard on the stomach. Ashley yelped in pain but refused to let go.

“CEO Palmer, run!”

The man’s expression darkened and slapped Ashley so hard that she went flying and her face swelled up immediately.

Diane was in a panic and refused to run when she saw how Ashley was getting beaten up.

“Stop! Stop it right now!” she shouted. “I said STOP!”

“Looks like CEO Palmer is really concerned for her subordinates, eh?” Blake laughed coldly and waved his hand. “Alright now, don’t hit her anymore. Since CEO Palmer is willing to listen to me, then I won’t make life difficult for a young lady.”

He glared at Diane and there was an evil glint in his eye.

Acting like she had higher moral standards?

He was going to see how Diane could continue acting like that once they reached the hotel!

“CEO Palmer, let’s go. Get into the car and I’ll let you have this project, and all the unhappiness between us will be settled once and for all.”


“Don’t try to go against me, otherwise this little secretary of yours might not live, I won’t guarantee anything.”

“CEO Palmer…don’t go with them…” Ashley continued to yell as she clutched her stomach and her tears kept flowing.

The man kicked her again and Ashley howled in pain.

“Ashley!” Diane started tearing up. “Stop it! Don’t hit her anymore! I’ll leave with you!”

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