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Chapter 153

Gentry knew about this. He was in contact with several people in Fairbanks’s illegal circle.

Since the Price family wanted to expand, besides their business in the legal circles, they also had to have good connections in the illegal circles. Gentry knew this very well and had worked this way for many years now.

Everyone in the illegal circles of Riverport had to get the nod of approval from that man.

There was once a young man suddenly rose to the top and disregarded that person. In the end?

He turned to ashes overnight!

That was when everybody knew that even though Master Rane didn’t interfere in everyday matters, he still called the shots in this circle!

“So that means we can’t touch this fatty piece of meat called Greencliff?”

“Hoho, Young Master Price is indeed ambitious. But I’d advise you against it. It is not a good time to go to that controversial place right now.”

The man sitting across Gentry laughed coldly. “Everyone is waiting to see where this Tom Foster came from, and whether he has backing from the north. Before anyone is sure of his background, anyone who moves is definitely going to die!”

Gentry’s heart suddenly shook.

He suddenly looked up and remembered that Blake had gone to Greencliff to discuss some investment projects on behalf of Citadel Group.

Surely this idiot hadn’t created any trouble for him in Greencliff, had he?

“I still have something on, I’ll treat you next time!”

Gentry quickly got up and called Blak, but Blake wasn’t picking up his phone.

“Get the car ready, we need to go to Greencliff!”

At this moment.

Inside the Palmer Group office.

Diane sighed.

“You’re still laughing!” She wrinkled her nose. “How could he say such things about you!”

“I’m laughing because I’m happy, and I’m happy not because someone looked down on me.”

Ethan gently took Diane’s hands into his. “I’m happy because of you.”

Diane blushed and struggled for a while, but didn’t pull her hands out of Ethan’s hands.

Diane had called him her husband and protected his dignity in front of others.

Of course Ethan was happy.

“You…let go.”

“Not gonna let go,” Ethan shook his head. “I’m going to hold onto you like this, and never let go for the rest of my life.”

Diane looked up and met with Ethan’s shining eyes. She felt like she was falling into a whirlpool for the first time.

There was something different in the air of the office.

The two of them kept looking at each other like that. Diane felt like her heart was beating faster and faster, and their faces kept getting closer and closer!

Someone knocked on the office door.

Diane instantly panicked and jumped out from Ethan’s embrace like a little bunny, and quickly straightened her clothes.

But her face was still all red.

“Come in!”

She sat back at her desk with a serious face, but Ashley could sense something unusual going on.

There was something a little amorous in the air.

“CEO Palmer, did I come in at the wrong time?”

Ashley cautiously glanced at Ethan sitting on the sofa and drinking tea.

“Ashley!” Diane glared at her. “If you continue this nonsense, I’ll send you to the cleaning department!”

She stole a glance at Ethan and started scolding herself. How did she fall into this trap? Why did she actually want to kiss this idiot? She had only known him for such a short time!

Ashley stuck her tongue out cheekily. She knew Diane was just joking, so she quickly stated her business, “CEO Palmer, there are some investors here and they want to speak to you personally. They’ve already gone to the factory in the countryside to take a look.”

Diane nodded, “Got it. Go make arrangements, I’ll go over now.”

Ashley left the room and Diane got up. She realized that her skirt had been crumpled without her knowing.

They hadn’t done anything else but hug each other just now.

“I’ll go with you?” Ethan looked up.

“No need, I can handle these people.” Diane didn’t dare to stay alone with Ethan anymore. She was afraid she might not be able to resist him. “You can take a rest.”

Then she made her escape.

Ethan was very amused.

Diane had obviously become nervous.

He glanced at Diane’s desk and saw that she had actually forgotten to take some important documents along with her.

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