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Chapter 152

Blake Price stood where he was and his face was burning with pain. He didn’t dare to chase after them because Ethan was really strong.

He didn’t dare to offend a lunatic.

Everyone around him was staring at Blake Price, and some of the customers started whispering among themselves.

“Did you hear that? He threatened someone else’s wife. Isn’t this sort of person afraid to be beaten to death?”

“That was a good slap! He should have hit this gigolo harder. Didn’t he know the girl was already married? What a shameless man, trying to break up someone else’s family!”

“He’s pretty good looking and well dressed but he’s nothing good inside!”


Blake Price’s expression became even nastier after hearing what the people around him were saying.

“What are all of you staring at?!” he roared like a dog that had gone crazy. “Are all of you asking to die?”

He overturned the table and left angrily.

He had come with great sincerity and thought that he could have Diane easily. Wasn’t an additional 3% profit enough for Diane to climb into his bed?

And now she and that useless husband of hers had embarrassed him like this in front of so many people and actually acted like a loving couple in front of him?

They had to pay a high price for doing that!

He walked out of the hotel, one side dark and the other side red and swollen.

“Boss, the deal fell through. Palmer Group says they don’t fancy working with Citadel Group and they want to make us their business rivals, and will never let us make any investment in Greencliff.”

The other side was silent for a while, then accepted this information.

After that Blake Price made another phone call. “Bro, find me a few fighters and tell them to look for me.”

“What happened?”

“Don’t ask so many questions, just arrange this for me, I won’t take this lying down!”

Blake then hung up immediately.

Gentry was on the other end of the line and discussing his next plan with his subordinates. He couldn’t help but frown when he heard how angry Blake Price was over the phone.

“What trouble is this boy getting me into again? I let him train himself up in Citadel Group, so how did he get into trouble again?”

Blake was his own younger brother after all.

Gentry turned to look at the three men standing in front of him. “Call Young Master Blake, he needs you.”

“Got it.”

The three men left.

Gentry ignored this matter and looked back at the man seated in front of him. “You said Fairbanks’s illegal circle hasn’t made a single move?”

“That’s right. Neither Wesley Allen nor the other big players have made any move.” The man seated across from Gentry was a plump man who looked fierce and had his eyes half closed with a cigarette in his mouth. “Wesley Allen in particular was surprising. His two best fighters, Nicolas and Eli Howard, were both beaten soundly in Greencliff but he didn’t do anything to fight back.”

“Why do you think that’s the case?”

Gentry could only think of one person. Ethan Hunt!

He thought of how Ethan had just broken both of Joe’s legs and thrown him out on the streets without hesitation, as if he had no regard for the Stewart family at all.

And now the Stewart family was desperately finding a doctor to treat Joe but didn’t make trouble for Ethan anymore. This was highly questionable too.

The tougher Ethan was, the more Gentry wanted him as a subordinate. This sort of person was really vicious, so if Ethan worked for him, then he would be a great help to the Price family.

But he still hadn’t found a chance to make Ethan owe him a favor.

“Tom Foster!” replied the man sitting opposite Gentry. “It’s Tom Foster, the latest big player to rise up in Greencliff.”

“All of this has something to do with Tom Foster. He even brought Ray Lewis of Oakfield down singlehandedly. This man is not simple at all. He suddenly appeared and suddenly rose up, so he’s really formidable!”

Gentry was surprised. It wasn’t Ethan?

“Even the one in Fairbanks hasn’t said anything till now. Young Master Price, you know very well that anyone who wants to rise up in the state of Riverport has to get the go ahead from the one in Fairbanks, otherwise he’s dead for sure!”

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