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Chapter 150

“CEO Palmer, I’m in charge of this project now, and I really have to apologize to you,” Blake Price sounded very sincere over the phone. “Rion Page brought her own emotions to work and said all those nasty things to you. I’ve already reported this to my company and we will take necessary action, I hope you will not be angry anymore.”

“Citadel Group would really love to work with Palmer Group and help Palmer Group to enter Fairbanks’s market. Why don’t both of us have a meal tonight to discuss the details? What do you think, CEO Palmer?”

Diane took a few seconds to consider, then she agreed, “Ok.”

She wanted to say that since they were going to discuss business, then the office would be a better place to discuss.

But having a meal would be more relaxed and easier to discuss matters, so it wasn’t a bad idea either.

She put down the phone and turned to Ethan, “Go with me.”

Ethan replied, “I’m your follower, so I’ll go wherever you go.”

Diane blushed. She had already gotten used to having Ethan by her side. That was pretty scary!

She hadn’t even known Ethan for that long!

Blake Price decided on where to eat. He decided on having a meal at the Aegean Sea Hotel, and the name alone sounded fairly romantic.

Diane was a little surprised. This was a place where couples liked to go to for a date, so why did Blake Price choose a place like this to discuss business?

“Looks like this Blake Price is very sincere,” Ethan’s eyes were shining.

“Don’t let your thoughts run wild,” Diane replied sternly. “He’s from another city, so he doesn’t know these things.”

Ethan merely laughed. Only men knew what other men were thinking about.

The two of them walked in and the waiter led them to a quiet table in the corner.

When Blake Price saw that Ethan had tagged along, he froze for a while. But he still stood up and stretched his hand out.

“Hello CEO Palmer!”

“Hello Mr. Price.”

Diane stretched her hand out and shook his gently, then took her hand back. She noticed that Blake Price was alone and had to ask, “Where are the other people from your company?”

“It’s just me.” Blake Price only had eyes for Diane, and there was an irrepressible passion and desire emanating from his eyes.

He noticed that Diane didn’t look too pleased with him, so he turned to look at Ethan. “And this is…?”

He thought that Diane would come by himself, but someone actually tagged along. How insensitive!

Since they were going to discuss such a large project, most upper management staff wouldn’t have the right to come along, so who was this punk?

Besides, he had said very clearly that this meal would be for both of them, and didn’t intend for her to bring other people along.

“My husband,” Diane replied very calmly.

Blake Price was stunned the moment he heard her.


He thought he had heard wrongly.

“Ethan Hunt.” Ethan stretched a hand out and introduced himself.

“You’re that man who married into her family?”

Blake Price’s face was filled with disdain. He didn’t intend to shake Ethan’s hand at all and looked Ethan up and down. “I heard you were a homeless man and you have something wrong with your brain?”

It was no wonder that Ethan had exposed everything about Rion in front of so many people. So he was a nutcase!

Ethan’s expression didn’t change, but Diane became very upset.

She didn’t like to hear anyone say nasty things about Ethan.

No matter what, Ethan was her husband now!

“Get out, you’re not worthy of CEO Palmer, and you’re definitely not worthy to sit with me,” Blake Price carried on without letting Diane to say anything. “A man who has to marry into his wife’s family actually wants to shake hands with me? What a joke.”

“You’re just CEO Palmer’s dog, so it’s good enough to wag your tail if she gives you bones to eat. But if you intend to sit with your owner, then that’s crossing the line!”

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