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Chapter 15

Foster Group Headquarters Building, the highest floor!

Tom Foster stood in front of the window to make a phone call. He dared not sit when he was on the phone with Brother Winston.

“Brother Winston, everything has been settled.”

Tom Foster asked respectfully, “Do you have any other instructions for me?”

“From now on you only need to listen to my boss. Once I’m done on my end, I’ll go over to Greencliff.”

Tom Foster felt his heart tremble. Brother Winston was coming?

“Tom, tell me. Why do you think I supported your rise to success in Greencliff?”

Tom Foster suddenly understood. It was because of Ethan!

Ethan was coming to Greencliff, so he had to make sure everything was setup properly well in advance, so that there would be someone here to get things done for him!

Was Ethan already prepared to come since five years ago?

“You’re a clever person, so you don’t need too many hints,” Winston continued. “Do well and Big Boss will reward you well.”

Winston hung up.

Tom Foster took a few deep breaths but couldn’t calm himself down.

He knew how scary Winston was, so he was even more reverent towards Ethan. What kind of person would he be!

From Winston’s words, Tom Foster realized his chance was here. His reason for existing was to work for Ethan. Everything that had been prepared for the last few years was now going to be put to good use.

There was a knock on the door, and one of his subordinates quickly walked in.

“Big Boss.”

“Next time call me CEO Foster!”

Tom Foster immediately frowned and said very solemnly. “From now on, there is only one Big Boss in the whole of Greencliff!”

“Got it, CEO Foster. I’ve already sent out the news according to your instructions.”

Tom Foster narrowed his eyes. “It’s that father and son from the Palmer family right?”

“Archie gave me 500 grand in return for knowing how you’re related to Diane. So I told him that it’s because you went through some tough times together with Ethan and you’re returning the favor now.”

Tom Foster nodded. “Ok.”

If he really went through tough times with Ethan, that would be the greatest asset in his life!

But sadly he knew he could never qualify to do this.

“This father and son better watch out, otherwise even if Big Boss doesn’t care about these small fry, I, Tom Foster, will not let them ruin Big Boss’ mood!”

Tom Foster sent an order, “Report to me if anything crops up!”

“Got it!”

He had a premonition that a huge storm was coming for Greencliff, like a dragon stepping into shallow waters.


Ethan drove Diane towards the construction site of the factory for the new project she had just signed.

The Palmers had invested quite a bit into this particular project. They had purchased a piece of land in the outskirts of the city from a long time back to build a factory for this project.

“What did my mum talk to you about?” Diane asked.

She saw that Ethan was actually able to hold a conversation with April, and couldn’t help feeling strange about it.

She understood April well. Her mother was a very strong woman, so even though she suffered for so much all these years, she was still able to endure it quietly.

But this time, April really couldn’t take Gerald forcing her to take a husband into the family.

“She said I’m doing pretty well,” Ethan replied. “She encouraged me to continue working hard, and if she’s happy with me then she’ll get you to marry me for real.”


Diane felt her face go red. She didn’t believe any of this.

He was only someone April knew for a few days. How could she have said something like that?

“Ok ok ok, no more nonsense.”

Ethan turned to look at Diane. “Your mum warned me, if I ever hurt you, she’ll fight me to death.”

Now that sounded more like her mother.

“Ethan. Even though I don’t know why you’ve decided to be here, but I know that you won’t hurt me.”

Diane took a deep breath. “Thank you.”

Ethan didn’t say anything.

The one who should be saying thank you was him.

From afar they could see that there was a large group of people gathered in front of the entrance to the construction site, blocking the way and making a lot of trouble.

Ethan parked the car and Diane quickly ran over.

“What, what do you want?” There was anxiety all over the one of the project managers’ face.

The contract for this project was just signed and the factory had to be completed as soon as possible because the project had to start soon. Why were these people here to make trouble?


The leader of the troublemakers sounded nasty and he even had a wooden bat in his hand. “This piece of land is ours, who allowed you to build a factory here?”

“Get out now, otherwise I’m going to beat you up too!”

“Nonsense, this land is ours and we’ve already signed the contract. When did it become yours?”

Diane was fuming mad.

She was the one who settled the contract, so she was very sure of this.

“Your contract is invalid!”

The leader laughed coldly. “Either way, we’re not letting you start work here. I’m going to just stand here and block you. Forget about getting your cement or sand in!”

“You’ve gone too far!”

Diane turned to the project manager and said, “Call the police!”

“Call the police?”

The leader’s face fell when he heard this. “Bloody hell, you dare to call the police? Brothers! Destroy this place!”

With that, he lifted his bat and made a huge swing towards Diane as hard as he could!

Diane’s face immediately paled and she forgot to dodge.

She didn’t expect this group to be this unreasonable and really thrash them.

Suddenly there was a loud muffled sound followed by a howl.

Diane opened her eyes and Ethan was standing right in front of her. He used one foot to send that hooligan flying, and the hooligan was now sprawled all over the floor, unable to move.

“So somebody dares to hit my wife huh?”

Ethan scanned the whole group of them. “I give you ten seconds. Get lost!”

“Ahh…” The hooligan on the floor felt that he had broken at least five or six bones and painfully shouted, “Kill him!”

More than ten other hooligans rushed at Ethan at the same time!

“Ethan look out!”

Diane was in terrible shock. She didn’t think things would turn out like that.

But before she could say anything else, what happened next froze her on the spot.

Ethan’s actions were so fast they were a blur!

In no more than ten seconds, all the hooligans earlier were all sprawled on the floor, with either broken arms or broken legs!

The howls of pain were blood curdling!

All the project managers were pale from fright!

This was too scary to watch!

Ethan walked back to the leader of the gang with a foot on his chest and looked down nastily at him. “Who sent you here?”

“How dare you…beat me, I am Kurt Turner…”

Kurt Turner was in terrible pain and he clenched his teeth, “My boss will not let you off!”

“You lost your chance.”

Ethan never asked the same question twice. His foot exerted a tremendous force. Kurt Turner immediately gave a terrible scream and then died on the spot.

All the other hooligans were so scared they felt their guts about to explode!

What was this monstrosity?

Why was he so terrifying?

There were even a few who wet their pants, so scared they were shaking in fear.

Ethan didn’t even bother looking at them. He just pulled Diane along into the site, even though she was still in a daze.

“Miss…Miss Palmer, should we still call the police?” The project manager gulped.

“No need. We don’t need to bother the police with this sort of garbage.”

After saying that, Ethan turned around and started counting down. “Ten! Nine! Eight…”

He had only counted till seven and all the hooligans with broken arms and legs were so scared they felt their souls leaving their bodies. They immediately started struggling to get up and leave.

“Run! RUN!!”

“He’s a monster, a MONSTER!”

“Help me up and bring me along!!!”

They were sure that if they didn’t make themselves scarce within ten seconds, this man would make sure they disappeared off the face of the earth.

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