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Chapter 149

In the next room.

Rion Page was lying in the bathtub and the entire tub was filled with soap bubbles. She had poured the entire bottle of soap in and the fragrance filled the bathroom.

Her expression remained dark and she would give a sniff every now and then, afraid that there would be some other smell.

“Diane! I won’t let you off! And that bloody jerk! Just you wait!”

Her phone started ringing.

The moment she saw that it was a phone call from the boss, she picked it up and her voice became gentle and cloying, “Honeyyyyyy~”

She dragged out the word enough to make the old man on the other end of the line shiver, and part of his body immediately had a reaction.

“Goodness, don’t call me that when we’re talking about work. What if someone else hears it?” The voice on the phone chided her, “Call me boss!”


She replied with another dragged out word, making him feel numb all over.

“AHEM!” The man on the other side of the line shifted his sitting position. Clearly this way of calling him made him unable to sit still.

He wasn’t going to continue with this sort of talk over the phone. He changed his tone of voice and spoke seriously, “Rion, I’ve passed the Greencliff project over to Blake Price, so you just need to assist him.”

Rion was shocked when she heard this and took a while to respond.


“I said to call me boss!”

“Boss, but why? Didn’t you say you were putting me in charge of this project so that I could gain more experience? Why did you…”

Rion was angry and frustrated. Did these old men really just forget everything after they put their pants back on?

She had put in a lot of effort these few days into gaining the favor of this boss and she had used every move she had to make him agree. She had just reached Greencliff and he had taken away her leadership status with just one sentence.

“There’ll be plenty of chances in the future,” the other side replied casually. “That’s settled then. If you’re not very busy over there, then come back earlier. I’ve got something interesting, we could have a good time.”

Then he hung up.

Rion was so angry she nearly smashed the phone to the floor.

She had taken so much effort to gain this old man’s favor and she thought that everything was settled for sure. But who knew…she was so angry right now!

She was furious!

“It must be that idiot Blake Price! He must have gone to tell on me first!”

Rion’s expression was all dark. Blake must have told the boss about how she had a personal feud with Diane, so the boss didn’t want her to be the leader anymore.

She knew that Blake was from the Price family in Fairbanks and was of a fairly high standing. He had come to the company just to train himself up, but of course everyone went along with him since he was from the Price family.

But that was all it had taken to take away something that she had worked so hard to get. Rion Page was filled with hatred!

She actually intended to use herself to try and seduce Blake Price as well. On the way here, they had exchanged several amorous glances. But just because Ethan had mentioned her dead fish smell, Blake Price’s gaze instantly turned cold.

Rion Page felt like crying.

It hadn’t been easy for her to get to where she was today. But now she was left with nothing just after seeing Diane.

She was filled with hatred!

She was filled with hatred for Diane!

“It’s all your fault! Diane! You’re the cause of all this! I knew you were a jinx! I hate you!!”

Rion Page slammed her hands against the water violently and her messy and wet hair made her look like a vengeful spirit.

Soon after, she calmed down, but her expression was terrifyingly cold. “Watch how I destroy you!”


Someone from Citadel Group called Diane again.

This attitude this time was obviously different from before. Blake Price personally made this call.

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