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Chapter 148

On the first floor of Palmer Group, Rion had really gone mad from anger.

An airport runway stuffed with silicone, a dead fish smell…

Ethan had actually exposed the most private part of her life in front of so many people.

Her face was still red now.

“What a bastard! Low class! He’s such a lowlife!” Rion couldn’t stop herself from cursing. “So Palmer Group is this sort of company? What a disappointment!”

Blake Price stood on one side and frowned slightly.

“Miss Page, the company sent you here to talk about an investment project, so you shouldn’t be affected by your own personal issues,” Blake Price was a little displeased.

“Blake Price, you saw it for yourself. The staff in Palmer Group are of such poor standards, so who knows what other horrible people are hiding in the company? This only proves that there is a problem with the business culture in Palmer Group and it’s not worth our investment.”

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. “Besides, I’m very familiar with Diane and I’m sure she can’t handle this company. Even if she wants to try, she has no right to discuss business with me.”

Blake Price frowned even more deeply.

If the company hadn’t instructed him to let Rion Page lead this trip, he was going to say a few more words.

What was wrong with Diane?

She was prettier than Rion after all.

“Since you insist, then I’ll just report everything that happened to the big boss and see what he says,” Blake Price replied. “The big boss has placed quite a bit of importance on this project, and I think it’s not impossible to work with Palmer Group.”

Rion was taken aback and she looked straight at Blake Price. She knew that Blake Price’s status wasn’t ordinary. Even though he was just treating his time in Citadel Group as training, his words carried more weight than hers. If he insisted on working with Diane, Rion Page might not be able to stop him.

“Blake Price, I will report to the big boss myself.”

“That would be even better.”

Blake Price turned and wrinkled his nose slightly. Rion immediately turned red and turned away as well.

“Miss Page, I think it’s best that you go back to the hotel and have a rest.” Blake Price hopped into his car. “Oh and take a bath too.”

Blake Price then left.

Rion’s body was shaking and even her neck was red now.

Blake Price also had issues with the smell on her body!

“Dead fish smell…stupid Blake Price!”

Rion screeched at Blake Price’s car, “Those words were meant for you, didn’t you get it?”

She stomped her feet and was so angry she wanted to cry. She wanted to deal Diane a blow and humiliate her in front of everyone so that she would look better in contrast. But Ethan only had to mention a dead fish smell and now she was the laughingstock.

She didn’t think about it anymore and quickly hailed a cab to get back to the hotel to bathe. On the way, she used her bag to cover her lower abdomen, afraid that the driver might smell something and ask why there’s a dead fish smell in the car again.

In the hotel.

Gentry stood in front of the French window.

“Yes boss. I think it’s better if I’m in charge of this matter. Miss Page seems to have some personal issues and I’m afraid it will affect her judgment,” Blake Price said into the phone. “Boss, don’t worry, I’ll settle this matter for sure.”

After he hung up the phone, Blake Price turned to look at Diane’s photos and information on the desk. He had gotten someone to check on all this before he reached the hotel.

“Diane. She’s so pretty. What a pure looking girl,” Blake Price licked his lips. “This sort of woman would be really fun, huh?”

“A woman of such beauty actually found a man to marry into her family. Did she want to use a useless piece of trash as a shield? What a great idea.”

Some people didn’t like being disturbed, so they used this sort of method to politely refuse any advances. Blake Price had met such people before.

It didn’t bother him anyway.

He had originally wanted to take this chance away from the office to sleep with that talented woman of the company, Rion Page. But earlier when he was standing next to Rion, he could really smell the faint smell of a dead fish and gave up that idea immediately.

Especially after he saw Diane, this Rion was not even worth mentioning, and he didn’t even feel like taking off his pants now.

“Change the proposal for Palmer Group now and follow the conditions I set…” Blake Price immediately sent instructions to the secretary.

“Diane, no woman who’s caught my eye has been able to escape from me!”

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