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Chapter 147

Diane nearly burst out laughing when she saw how Rion Page nearly went mad from anger.

Her secretary and the other staff couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed so hard along the corridor that they were crying.

“Brother Ethan! You’re so harsh!”

“Dead fish smell? That woman is probably going to have to bathe 20 times today, right?”

“Brother Ethan, your eyesight is amazing! You could even tell where she had surgeries!”

Diane held it in and didn’t laugh even after she reached her office. It was only when she walked to the window and looked out that her shoulders finally started shaking from laughter.

“How could you tell that she had plastic surgery?” She turned to look at Ethan after a long while.

“It’s too obvious. The doctor heading the surgery was probably just a student,” Ethan replied her with a straight face.

His observation skill could even detect if someone was wearing a mask made from human skin, so there was no way a poorly done plastic surgery would escape his eyes.

“Then what about her promiscuous lifestyle and the dead fish smell on her?”

Ethan realized that Diane looked more like she was interrogating him.

How did Ethan know about such a private matter? Or was Ethan part of that promiscuous lifestyle?

“You mean you didn’t smell it?” Ethan fanned his nose. “It was so strong, I think even Ashley’s face had turned green from it.”

Diane didn’t hold it in and just burst out laughing.

She knew Ethan was standing up for her and wouldn’t allow anyone to bully her in front of him.

“Rion Page was my classmate in university and her grades were always not as good as mine, so she always went up against me in everything. After graduating, she got into a big company in Fairbanks and got promoted very quickly, while I started working for Steven. Our positions were miles apart, so she was gleeful for a long time.”

Diane didn’t tell him about how Rion Page had mocked her in front of other classmates many times and said that Diane would always be stuck at the bottom and working for others.

In university, Diane was more outstanding that Rion Page in every way. Even the number of boys wooing Diane way outnumbered Rion Page. There was even a boy whom Rion Page liked for four years, but still refused to accept her even after Diane rejected him.

After graduating, Diane had no choice but to enter Palmer Group, while Rion had joined Citadel Group. Rion had made use of her body to get to the position of Assistant General Manager of the investment department in just a few years, so naturally she was gleeful.

“But because she’s not as pretty as you, she had to go for plastic surgery,” Ethan didn’t even need to guess. “It’s a pity that she’s gotten uglier with every surgery, and now her face is all stiff.”

“It’s a pity?”

“No it’s not!” Ethan quickly corrected himself. “There’s no point in going for so many surgeries anyway. That dead fish smell on her is enough to kill.”

Diane looked very carefully at Ethan, this man who married into her family.

When Ethan was being cold and cruel, he could defeat an army by himself, and all those who tried to make trouble always ended up crying and howling on the floor.

When Ethan was being sweet, April would laugh non-stop and wish she could take him in as a godson immediately.

Ethan was now showing his cheeky side again.

This man was really just a little adorable. Yup, just that teeny bit.

“So we might not be able to clinch this project,” Diane switched the topic back to serious business.

Citadel Group was a large company in Fairbanks and was very reputable in the industry. If Palmer Group wanted to expand into Fairbanks, then working with Citadel Group was actually a very good opportunity.

But since the person in charge was Rion Page, then Diane didn’t want to work with her. Besides, after what Ethan said about her dead fish smell, Rion would probably want to kill her instead.

“Diane, that’s where you’re wrong,” replied Ethan. “Now is the time when others come begging for us to work with them.”

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