Chapter 146

“That’s right, I’m the CEO of Palmer Group,” Diane nodded. “You’re the representative from Citadel Group?”

Rion Page also nodded.

Ethan stood quietly to one side without saying anything. He didn’t expect the investors to include someone Diane knew.

“I don’t think we need to discuss this project any further,” Rion Page shook her head before Diane could continue. “Blake Price, let’s leave. This Palmer Group is not worth our investment.”

Diane frowned slightly.

Blake Price was a little surprised. They had just met and hadn’t said a single word but Rion Page was talking like that. So he could tell that Rion Page knew Diane but they weren’t friends.

“Miss Page, what’s the issue here?” asked Blake Price.

“Since Palmer Group’s CEO is Diane, then I’m very suspicious of what this Palmer Group is capable of,” Rion Page went straight to the point. She was still smiling, but she didn’t hide any of the disdain in her eyes. “As far as I know, CEO Palmer’s ability is limited and she’s not capable of handling such a large company. I’m afraid that this Palmer Group might suddenly collapse and affect our plans.”

“Rion, that’s going too far,” Diane furrowed her brows.

“Not at all,” Rion Page continued to smile. “CEO Palmer, we’re all old friends so you don’t have to pretend anymore. You were never as good as me in university, and you were way off the mark in every single aspect, so it’s the same with doing business. I feel that it’s very risky to work with you.”

She was so direct and so humiliating.

Rion Page wanted to leave after she said all this.

She had only taken a few steps out when a hand blocked her way.

“What do you want?”

Ethan was standing there and looking at Rion Page calmly. His eyes were as calm as the surface of a lake, and this calmness made Rion Page’s heart tremble and feel uneasy for some reason.

“You’ve had a nose job done, did something with your lips, and your eyelashes are artificially planted. This jaw of yours was also shaved, right?”

Rion Page’s expression changed. She was getting more anxious than angry, but Ethan didn’t wait for her to argue back.

His eyes moved down and continued to speak without holding back, “This part used to be as flat as an airport runway, so how much silicone is inside here? Is there any part of your body that’s still real?”

“You…who on earth are you?!”

Rion Page’s face was all red and she was furious. Ethan had correctly pointed out all the plastic surgeries that she had. But…but how did Ethan know?!

“That’s right, none of it is real. Also, you’re pretty promiscuous too, so it’s smelly down there, right? Even if you use expensive perfume to cover it up, I can still smell this dead fish smell coming from there.”

Ethan even purposely waved his hand in front of his nose and looked at her in disgust. “This sort of person wants to compare herself with my Diane? Do you still have any respect for yourself?”


Rion Page was so angry that she was going to faint. And she was so embarrassed.

How did Ethan find out that there was a smell in her taint? What on earth was going on?

She noticed the other men looking at her and she wished she could fall into a hole right now.

“Oh oops, I just pointed out all your plastic surgeries, so I suppose you’ve lost all respect for yourself.” Ethan then turned to Diane and said very seriously, “CEO Palmer, I suggest that we don’t work with them on this project. If we have to work with someone who doesn’t have any respect left for herself, I think it will be very risky.”

Ethan took Rion Page’s earlier words and used them back on her, and he even added insult to her without holding back!

“Diane!” Rion Page shrieked like she was a vengeful ghost. “This is the kind of person your company hires? Just you wait!”

She then scoffed and angrily stormed off in her high heels.

“Get the cleaning lady to come in and spray a little air freshener here. Why is this dead fish smell so strong?”

Rion Page had just taken one step into the elevator when she heard this and nearly puked blood from anger!

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