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Chapter 145

Diane didn’t say anything on the way back.

After a long time, she finally turned to look at Ethan. “Am I very stupid?”

“How could my wife be stupid?”

“You always say that I’m kindhearted, but being too kind is equal to being stupid, right?” Diane laughed bitterly at herself. “That First Aunt of mine has always looked down on my family. I don’t like her, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to hate her only because she’s my aunt.”

“But there are people in this world that don’t deserve my kindness, right?”

“You’ve not said anything today because you want me to understand this, isn’t it?” she looked at Ethan and asked in a serious tone of voice.

“I just told you that my dear wife isn’t stupid, in fact you’re very clever,” laughed Ethan.

That was exactly what he was thinking.

Diane was too kindhearted. If she remained under his protection, it was fine to go on like that.

In fact, her kindheartedness was the most beautiful thing in the world, and it was something that Ethan was willing to treasure and cherish with all his life.

But now, Diane wouldn’t remain under his protection forever. She wanted to grow and wanted to become more perfect.

Now William was heading Palmer Group, but what about later? What about the future?

Ethan wasn’t going to put all his energies into a small company. The company would be Diane’s responsibility.

After Ethan replied her, Diane didn’t say anything.

She looked out of the window, and took a deep breath after a long time.

“Ethan, I realize that I’m starting to like you a little.”

She didn’t look at Ethan, but these words made Ethan’s heart leap for joy. But he just nodded slightly and replied calmly, “Keep it that way.”

When they reached the entrance to Palmer Group, Diane alighted and everyone behind her also got out of their cars.

“CEO Palmer, all the investors are already on their way and said they want to speak to you privately, so I won’t go up.” Mayor Tyson smiled. “If you need anything, just give me a call.”

“Thank you Mayor for your support,” Diane thanked him sincerely.

Shortly after she had gone up with Ethan, Ashley informed her that some investors had come to meet with Diane.

“Arrange for a meeting room.”

Diane had already sorted herself out.

She knew what sort of road she should be walking on now.

There were five people in the meeting room. The leader of the team was a man and a woman who both looked fairly young, but seemed pretty imposing.

“I didn’t expect that Palmer Group of Greencliff actually changed hands,” Rion Page was quite surprised. “The old Palmer Group was bought over recently, and I heard that the transaction price is kept strictly confidential.”

If she found out that the transaction price wasn’t even a hundred dollars, her jaw would definitely drop.

“Regardless of whether it’s the new Palmer Group or the old Palmer Group, there’s no harm in trying to see if there’s a chance to work together. This Palmer Group has been doing very well recently, so I think they’ve got a pretty powerful backer.”

The other young man was Blake Price. He was very handsome and charismatic, and it was clear that he was of pretty high standing too.

Blake Price turned when he heard the sound of high heels coming from outside the room.

When he saw Diane’s incomparably beautiful face, his breathing stopped for a bit and his eyes didn’t leave her face at all.

“I’m so sorry to make all of you wait,” Diane smiled as she greeted the team. Then there was a look of surprise on her face as she said, “It’s you?”

Blake Price turned to look at Rion Page. There was as much surprise on Rion Page’s face as Diane’s.

“Palmer Group’s CEO is you?”

Clearly Rion Page had never thought that the person she was meeting today would turn out to be Diane. Diane was her rival since they were in university, but Rion Page never admitted it.

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