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Chapter 144

“Diane is really doing well huh?” Jared’s wife was the first to break the silence. Her eyes were shining and she spoke with great admiration, “I just knew she would make it!”

“Jenny, did you see that? Your cousin graduated from a really famous university, and look at how well she’s doing! You have to study hard and do well at the college exams too!”

“Ok!” Jenny nodded seriously.

Jared took a deep breath and looked at his own wife and daughter.

Of course he knew the people who just came. He had also seen how Christopher’s face had completely paled and lost all that swagger he had earlier as a department head. Christopher had awkwardly smiled to gain favor for half an hour and his cheeks were probably stiff by now, but nobody cared about him.

Sherry didn’t say anything.

She was completely defeated this time round.

Diane’s family was this incredible now!

She quietly asked Christopher a question, but Christopher just shook his head and didn’t say anything. The blow he suffered was even greater.

He had tried to show off in front of Diane earlier, but all those leaders of much higher rank than him were all so respectful towards Diane.

They were not dumb. They could sense that Mayor Tyson wasn’t just polite towards Diane, but seemed to be reverent towards Ethan.

That’s right! It was reverence.

This meal suddenly felt tasteless.

“Oh dear I’m so late, I’m so late!”

Cheryl’s husband was leading the way with two men behind him carrying a massage chair into the house. He saw that everyone was seated at the table but nobody was eating, and he joked, “Why, waiting for me?”

Cheryl glared at him and said, “Whatever for?”

Her husband wasn’t angry. After the two men put down the massage chair, he went over to Grandma Baker to get a compliment.

“Mum, I’ve bought you a massage chair, it cost more than $8,000!” He had a smug look on his face. “It’s time for you to enjoy your old age!”

He then spotted the bangle on Grandma Baker’s wrist and he immediately felt that this bangle was definitely pretty expensive.

Cheryl quickly threw him a glance to tell him to stop being embarrassing.

Was a massage chair worth more than $8,000 anything to be gleeful about?

Diane had given her mother a bangle worth $56,000!

“By the way, I thought you said April isn’t coming but Diane is?” Cheryl’s husband turned to look at her and smiled. “You asked me to introduce someone to her, right? I went to call…”

“Are you done talking?” Cheryl couldn’t hold it in anymore and her voice was loud. “Sit down and eat! Is all this food insufficient to stuff your mouth with?!”

Introduce someone? Whatever for!

Did Diane need Cheryl to introduce her to someone?

Cheryl wanted Diane to be grateful to her, but after looking at that husband of hers, it was clear that Ethan was no ordinary man. Women were more detailed and there were many things she had picked up that Christopher hadn’t.

That Ethan was definitely no simple person.

In fact, Diane’s family situation might have changed so much precisely because of him.

They all knew Diane’s family situation very well. It had been the same for more than a decade now, so how could it change so drastically in such a short time?

Her husband was a little taken aback and had no idea what happened. But it was obvious that there was something amiss, so he didn’t say anymore.

The air in the house was a little strange, but Jared and his family felt very relaxed now.

“Come, come, let’s eat!” Jared picked up his wine glass. “Mum, happy birthday, here’s a toast to you!”

None of this bothered him. After all, he had never bullied or said anything nasty about Diane’s family all these years, and had actually shown a lot of concern for them.

That huge red packet that Ethan gave to Jenny made him even happier.

He knew that April remembered the concern he showed her.

“All too weak to eat? Why aren’t you picking up your chopsticks? Sis? Christopher?”

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