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Chapter 143

Diane was stunned.

Christopher was also stunned. Everyone in the house were equally stunned.

The lower ranked leaders behind Mayor Tyson were all holding their breath and it took them a long while to finally react.

Mayor Tyson had come in such a hurry to Park Creek just to wish an old lady happy birthday?

That was crazy!

But before anyone could react, Mayor Tyson walked up to Grandma Baker and shook her hand warmly, “Grandma Baker, happy birthday!”

Grandma Baker was still in a state of shock. But when she saw how Christopher had paled in fright, she realized that this man was definitely someone of high standing.

“Thank you! Thank you! You’re so kind!” Grandma Baker quickly replied.

All the Park Creek leaders quickly came over with big smiles and gave Grandma Baker warm greetings and well wishes one after another.

To Mayor Tyson, they were just low ranked leaders. But to Christopher, none of these were people he even had the right to speak to.

Those colleagues of Christopher’s all didn’t dare to say anything. They stood to one side as if they were afraid of being seen, and were very uneasy.

“Why did so many important people suddenly appear?”

“I don’t know either! What’s going on? Because of that young lady, CEO Palmer?”

The two of them whispered to each other with pounding hearts. They were really terrified.

Everyone in the Baker family was equally shocked.

Sherry opened her mouth to ask but Christopher glared at her to shut up. Couldn’t she tell what was going on?

Sherry closed her mouth again.

She could clearly feel the nervousness and uneasiness on her husband’s face. This expression only appeared when he was faced with people who were of much higher rank than himself.

“CEO Palmer, those investors are here and insist on meeting with you, so I had to come looking for you in a hurry,” said Mayor Tyson with a smile. “There are a few major projects on hand that insist on working only with Palmer Group, and they don’t want anyone else.”

Diane nodded. “You just had to give me a call, really. I’m so sorry that you had to come all the way here personally.”

She was too polite and Mayor Tyson gulped. He stole a glance at Ethan and breathed a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw that Ethan wasn’t angry.

“Oh no it’s no trouble at all. Working hard to expand Greencliff’s economy is my responsibility, so it’s no trouble at all.”

“So…” he paused for a while and looked at Diane. “When can CEO Palmer go back to Greencliff?”

Diane looked back at him. She wanted to leave long ago.

“Let’s go now.”

“Grandma, we’ll be off first.” She didn’t want to say anymore.

Mayor Tyson shook Grandma Baker’s hand again and was filled with guilt. “Grandma Baker, I’m really sorry for interrupting your birthday celebration. But these few projects are really very important and I really need CEO Palmer to settle everything, so I have no choice but to ask her to leave with me.”

Grandma Baker just kept nodding her head. “Your matters are very important, don’t worry about it, don’t worry.”

Grandma Baker was dumbfounded.

Since when was her granddaughter this incredible?

Ethan drove the car with Diane in it and Mayor Tyson and the rest all followed suit.

After the entire group of them left, the house was still quiet.

“Then uh, Manager Lawton, we have something on, so we’ll be off first,” Christopher’s subordinates quickly waved and left.

They could tell that there was something wrong in the air, and they just hoped that coming here to support their department head didn’t result in having their futures destroyed.

Christopher’s expression was very nasty, but he wasn’t angry. He was scared.

He was just a department head, and any of the leaders following behind Mayor Tyson could squish him dead anytime, never mind Mayor Tyson himself.

But he had seen for himself how those leaders had followed Mayor Tyson so closely and didn’t even dare to let a fart out!

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