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Chapter 142

“Diane!” Jared ran after them. “Don’t be angry!”

Diane shook her head and didn’t say anything.

“If she wants to leave then let her leave! Don’t tell me we can’t eat just because she’s gone?” Sherry scoffed, “Our house is too tiny for this heir to the Palmer Group!”

Christopher also snorted and sat back down.

He had heard some news about how there was a huge change in Palmer Group of Greencliff. But he never expected that Palmer Group now wholly belonged to Diane’s family.

How rich were they then?

It was no wonder that they could afford a nice car and buy his mother-in-law such an expensive bangle. So they had purposely come to show off today!

After hearing what Sherry said, Diane sighed in her heart. She had still tried to treat her eldest aunt as a relative before this, but now she decided to let it all go.

“Let’s go.” Ethan was still calm.

Just as both of them were about to leave, there were cheery voices coming in from outside.

“Manager Lawton! Manager Lawton is really here!”

A few people came in laughing and carrying baskets of fruits and hampers. “We heard that Manager Lawton’s mother-in-law was celebrating her birthday, so we decided to drop in!”

Christopher looked over and there was a smile on his face. These were his subordinates at work.

He had sent them a message in the morning to say that he was celebrating his mother-in-law’s birthday today, and these people immediately understood what Christopher was implying.

“Hello Grandma Baker, we’re Manager Lawton’s subordinates, and we’re here specially to wish you a happy birthday!”

“This is just a little gift from us, we hope you’ll like it, happy birthday!”

The few of them were good at talking and kept adding on congratulatory words.

“It’s good enough to come, why bring gifts,” Christopher purposely kept a stern expression on his face, but there was no way of hiding the glee in his eyes. “Don’t do this next time!”

This was the connections he had! This was the influence he had!

He purposely threw a glance at Diane. Even if Diane’s family was rich now, within this small town of Park Creek, his position was more useful than Diane’s money.

Sherry was elated. She immediately pulled a few more chairs over for them to sit.

These people were here to prove her husband’s capability.

Before they could sit down, there was another honk outside, and it sounded like more than one car.

“There’s some more people coming?” Sherry was shocked but then gleefulness soon took over her face. She purposely turned to Christopher and pretended to be angry, “What are you doing? It’s just my mum’s birthday, why did you call so many important people over?”

“I didn’t call many of them, just a few of them within my jurisdiction. They said they wanted to have a drink,” Christopher sat up straight and his eyes were smiling now. “I’ll go out and take a look.”

He purposely strolled past Ethan and Diane arrogantly while walking out.

Jared got angry when he saw this and wanted to say something, but his wife stopped him.

Diane was expressionless, while Ethan was feeling amused. He felt like he was watching a few clowns who looked playful and cheeky.

There were several cars parked outside the house, and the first one out was Mayor Tyson!

The rest were all the people in top positions in Park Creek. They had gotten the notice that Mayor Tyson was coming at the last minute and quickly came running out. They had no idea why the person who controlled all of Greencliff had suddenly come to their small town.

Christopher was stunned for a moment when he saw all the top brass of Park Creek. He was just a department head and there was no way he could have gotten all these important people to come!

When he saw the top brass of Park Creek respectfully follow after a group of men, Christopher felt a chill down his spine, especially when he saw Mayor Tyson’s face. That was a face he had seen many times on TV, and Christopher’s legs started shaking.

“CEO Palmer!”

Mayor Tyson saw Ethan and nodded very slightly but didn’t greet him. Instead he quickly walked over to Diane and shook her hand. “I was at your office to look for you, but your secretary told me that you were in Park Creek to celebrate your grandmother’s birthday, so I quickly rushed over.”

“Am I still in time to wish your grandmother a happy birthday?”

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