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Chapter 141

“What do you mean by that?” Diane had been trying to tolerate everything all this while and didn’t want to say anything because everyone present were her elders.

But Christopher ended up getting bolder and more arrogant and ended up getting carried away.

What did he mean by that? Was he saying that Diane was shameless and had used some despicable means to earn money?

What sort of elder was he?!

“Diane, what are you doing?!” Sherry yelled at her before Christopher responded. “Is this how you talk to your elders?”

“Do you behave like elders?” Diane was so angry that she started smiling. “Since the minute we stepped in, you’ve been putting us down and putting my parents down too. Does our family owe you something?”

“Or are you upset because you realize that we’re doing better than your family right now?”

Diane glared at Sherry and didn’t hold back anymore. “That’s right, my family is rich, VERY rich. And this money is all from my husband. Why? You have an issue with that?!”

She really couldn’t stand it anymore.

She had always treated Sherry and Christopher as her elders, but had they ever treated her as family?

They even went so far as to say something like that!

Diane was kindhearted, but it didn’t mean that she would allow anyone to just bully her.

Ethan sat there and didn’t say anything.

This was the first time he had seen Diane get angry, and he knew that Diane had to get angry now.

He didn’t say anything because he wanted Diane to understand that kindness was for those who deserved it, and not just anyone.

“You…” Sherry was angry now and stood up to point a finger at Diane. “You’re so rude! You think I would be jealous of your family? What a joke!”

“Your mum was stupid back then! She married a cripple and ruined the rest of her life. I didn’t manage to persuade her, but now you’re even dumber by finding some man to marry into the family! Our Baker family reputation is now in tatters because of you and your mother!”

Sherry was furious, as if Diane had guessed what was in her heart. “What’s there to be jealous about? You say your family’s rich, but how rich could you be? Richer than mine? Huh?!”

Neither Jared nor Cheryl imagined that Christopher would say something like that.

They could drop a hint or two to Diane as her elders, but it still wasn’t appropriate to say this sort of thing.

Besides, Ethan was still here.

Jared was angry when he heard these words too. No elder should talk about their younger family members like that.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but our family is really richer than yours,” Ethan spoke up quietly before Jared could step in to speak up for Diane.

He stood up and took Diane’s hand, and Diane immediately calmed back down.

“As the heir to the Palmer Group, Diane is now worth about a few billion. It’s not much compared to some people, but it’s definitely way more than yours.”

“Heir to the Palmer Group?” Sherry was silent for three seconds, as if she had been hit by a cannonball. Then she started yelling again, “That’s impossible! That useless William couldn’t have inherited the Palmers’ assets!”

“Are you still trying to fool me?!”

“The old Palmer Group has already collapsed. There’s a new Palmer Group now, and my father-in-law is the chairman while Diane is the CEO,” Ethan continued calmly. “You mean First Aunt doesn’t know about this?”

Sherry’s face was all red from anger. She refused to believe any of this.

April was doing better than she was?

That wasn’t possible!

“Actually I didn’t want to let Diane come here, because eating with people like you is just below us,” Ethan was no longer polite.

“Grandma, Diane and I have something on, so we won’t eat with you today.”

Since things had come to this, Ethan knew that Diane had no more mood to stay here anymore, so he held Diane’s hand and turned to leave.

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