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Chapter 140

“I don’t have anything to say, as long as everyone’s happy, I’m happy.”

After wearing the bangle, Grandma Baker was now in an excellent mood.

“Diane, eat more. You seldom come, so have more.”

She looked at Ethan. Even though she didn’t like the fact that he married into the family, but on account of the bangle, she decided to address him too. “Ethan, eat more too.”

Sherry cursed in her heart. Even her mother had been won over!

Diane took some food for Ethan, but before he could eat, Christopher gently hit his wine glass with a chopstick and calmly said, “Since Mum doesn’t have anything to say, then allow me to say a few words.”

Sherry didn’t wait for anyone to react and quickly smiled and said, “Sure! Let’s invite our Manager Lawton to say a few words to everybody!”

He was even throwing his weight around the dining table at home!

Christopher smiled and looked around. “Today is my Mum’s birthday. On behalf of all the younger ones, I wish that Mum would receive blessings as great as the sea, and you will live as long as the mountains!”

Sherry and her son immediately started clapping loudly.

Cheryl and Jared clapped a few times, while Jenny and her mother didn’t even budge.

“Since everybody is around, oh wait, Cheryl, your husband is still on the way, but we won’t wait for him,” Christopher said as he glanced at Cheryl. Her husband was still bringing the massage chair over. “Everyone is here, so I shall say a few things.”

“Jared, all these years, you’ve taken pretty good care of Mum, and I’ve taken note of it.”

This was considered a compliment.

Diane had no idea what to say to this.

How much concern had her eldest aunt and her husband shown towards her Grandma? Grandma had always been taken care of by her uncle’s family.

Jared also felt a discomfort in his heart, as if he had taken care of his mother just to get Christopher’s affirmation.

He laughed hollowly and didn’t say anything. But his wife was rather unhappy and it was written all over her face.

Ethan watched all the various reactions around the table and was very amused inside. This Sherry and Christopher really treated themselves as the head of the family. This tone of voice totally sounded like a mayor speaking to his subordinates.

They had gone a little too far alright.

“Also Cheryl, you’ve been doing well recently. Your sister and I have always said this to you and I’ll say it again. If you need anything, just say the word. I have quite some connections in Park Creek after all.”

Cheryl smiled and replied, “Thank you so much, brother-in-law.”

They had said these words for so many years, but when Cheryl’s children wanted to go to a better middle school, Cheryl had looked for Christopher several times but he just kept saying that the current government policies were very strict and it was hard for him to pull any strings.

“Why are you so formal with your own brother-in-law?” Sherry laughed. “You’re being too polite!”

Christopher smiled and turned to finally land his gaze on Diane.

He had a strange smile on his face, and his expression made Diane feel uncomfortable.

“Diane, your parents aren’t around today, so you can bring my words to them.”

Before Diane could respond, Christopher sighed first, then continued, “We all know your family’s situation. Things are difficult, but you can still make ends meet. Don’t blame me for being direct. There are some things that I must say.”

Diane’s expression changed.

“We cannot be shameless just because we want to earn more money.”

“For a car, a house and more money, you mean we should throw our dignity away? No we can’t!”

Diane looked up and stared at her uncle and had no idea what on earth he was going on about.

“Since you found a man to marry into the family, then whether he’s a shield for what you’re really doing or not doesn’t matter. You have to continue living properly. If you want to have fun out there, I can’t do anything since your parents don’t seem to care. But don’t go too far and embarrass our family!”

Diane finally understood what he was driving at and couldn’t stand it anymore. She slammed one palm on the table and got up with a start.

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