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Chapter 14

“Auntie, what were you chatting with my mum about?” Ethan asked.

The auntie’s face reddened and she waved her hands, “Oh nothing, nothing.”

She quickly vanished after saying that. She had initially intended to poke more fun at April’s family since she had been scolded after they rejected the boy she introduced to them. But she didn’t dare to anymore!

That boy working as a civil servant only earned four or five thousand a month. He’d probably never be able to drive such an expensive car in his life!

April was just standing there in shock. William’s mouth was wide open too, and couldn’t speak.

Neither of them could believe it.

“This car…”

April took a deep breath. She thought Diane was kidding.

She didn’t think Ethan could afford it, and she also knew Diane really couldn’t.

“Where’s the scooter?”

William realized Diane’s scooter was missing and quickly asked about it. They had spent more than $2,000 on it.

“The car shop was having a trade in promotion, so we traded it in for a new vehicle.”

Diane’s face was all red because she was really terrible at lying. But Ethan’s face was very natural, and said this answer without batting an eyelid.

She nearly fell when she heard this.

Which shop allowed customers to trade a scooter for a BMW?

William didn’t believe it, neither did April. They weren’t stupid.

“Actually there was a lucky draw…” Diane tried hard to think of how to spin a realistic story, but she really couldn’t lie.

“Ethan bought it!”

She finally said it out. It was much easier to just tell the truth.

April looked strangely at Ethan, and she seemed to believe it.

This new son-in-law had surprised her from the first day he stepped into the house.

He had stood up for her and slapped Archie, protecting their entire family from the very beginning. Even though she had not accepted Ethan, but hearts were made of flesh after all.

“Alright, no need to explain to us.”

April waved it off. Her heart felt much better after seeing how that irritating auntie had to shut up.

She looked at Ethan seriously but didn’t say anything. Then she pushed William back to the house.

“My mum believed it?” Diane asked softly.

“Does it matter?”

From afar he had seen how that auntie was clearly making things difficult for April. So of course, he wasn’t going to be polite in return and was going to get back at her for April.

He wouldn’t allow anyone to bully his mother-in-law either.

Ethan said, “Come on, let’s go home and eat.”

April’s cooking was not bad. Or at least Ethan thought so.

He had travelled round the world and had eaten all sorts of delicacies. He’d even eaten at places that cost a million dollars a meal, but he’d never eaten home cooked food.

When she saw Ethan eat like he hadn’t eaten in years, like a tornado going through the dining table, April’s eyebrow started twitching. She started wondering to herself, was her cooking really that delicious?

“Ethan, let me ask you a question.”

After so long, it was William who managed to ask, “That car – did you really buy it?”

He still couldn’t believe it. It cost nearly $500,000!

“Yup. It’s just a car, no need to be all surprised,” Ethan spoke without even lifting his head. “Dad, after your legs get well I’ll buy you one too.”

This statement made the entire house go silent instantly.

Ethan now looked up and saw helplessness and hopelessness on William’s face. April’s eyes were red and teary, while Diane sighed sadly.

“My legs…” William laughed bitterly and shook his head.

There was no chance that he would recover. He was now a useless man. For the rest of his life.

“I know a doctor who’s an expert in this area, he should be able to do something.”

Ethan’s words made William violently look up.

But then he thought about it more. Ethan was a homeless man, what amazing person could he know? This guy seemed pretty honest, but he really loved to boast.

“Really?” Diane on the other hand, couldn’t help but ask.

She knew Ethan was no ordinary man. Even though she only knew him for two days, Ethan had not hidden everything from her, and had displayed some of what he was capable of.

“Of course. He’s now busy overseas, but once he’s done I’ll get him to come to Greencliff,” Ethan said casually.

“Rea….really?” William asked anxiously.

Ethan nodded. “Don’t worry.”

William became a little worked up, but April gently patted his hand and he calmed down.

Could this new son-in-law be trusted?

After the meal, William went back to his room, while Diane went to her room to prepare the documents she needed for the afternoon. Ethan sat on the living room sofa and watched TV.

“Ethan, come here for a while,” April called out to him.

Ethan walked into the kitchen and saw a knife in April’s hands. His face remained calm and there was even a faint smile on his face.

“Mum, you’re looking for me?”

April couldn’t care less what Ethan called her.

She glared at Ethan and said very seriously, “Who on earth are you? What’s your motive in getting close to Diane? If you want to hurt her, I’ll fight you even if it costs my life!”

April was not stupid. Ethan so far didn’t look like a homeless man at all. And he most certainly didn’t look like the stereotypical weakling that would decide to marry into his wife’s family.

On the contrary, Ethan was very strong and domineering! Today he had even nonchalantly bought a car worth a few hundred thousand. You call this a homeless man?

“Mum, I can guarantee you that I have no ill intentions towards Diane, you, or Dad.”

Ethan calmly replied, “I want to be by Diane’s side to protect her, so that she doesn’t get bullied by others.”

April was still glaring at Ethan and didn’t say anything for a long time.

“Why?” She finally asked after several moments.

“She saved my life before.”

Ethan took a deep breath, his memories returning to the time fifteen years ago. “There are some things I can’t tell you now, but please trust me. When the time is right, you will know everything.”

A room door opened and April quickly kept the knife away. She whispered, “I’ll trust you for now, but you must not touch Diane, don’t ruin her!”

Ethan nodded.

“Got all your documents?”

Ethan walked out of the kitchen. “Let’s go, I’ll send you to the office.”

He then pushed Diane out of the door and sent her to the Palmer Group office.

Palmer Group Headquarters, CEO Office.

“Found out yet?”

Steven asked with a cold expression.

“Yup.” Archie smiled coldly. He had spent $500,000 to get the answer from one of Tom Foster’s subordinates.

“Before Tom Foster struck it rich, he was also a homeless guy and almost starved to death. But Ethan gave him half of his bun and saved him. They both once lived under the bridge together and can be considered acquaintances. Tom Foster was just returning him a favor.”

He was indignant.

It was hard for him to accept that the truth wasn’t that Diane had sold herself to Tom Foster, but it was because of that useless Ethan who married into the family!

“Can’t believe it. Look at who you chose!” Steven shouted angrily.

Ethan was actually chosen by Archie. He had purposely chosen a homeless man who was mentally unstable.

But who could have known that this Ethan actually had such a past with Tom Foster?

“Dad, relax. For people like Tom Foster, after they strike it rich, he won’t let off his old compatriots. Once he’s returned the favor to a homeless guy like Ethan, that’s the end of it!”

Archie continued viciously, “After Diane and family have used up this one chance, who else will help them now?”

Steven narrowed his eyes. He knew people like Tom Foster only too well. They were cruel and vicious in secret, but made themselves look good on the surface. Returning a favor to a person he knew when he was homeless might even make him look better.

But that was about it.

He was determined to make Ethan pay for embarrassing him, and he was going to make him pay more than what he suffered!

“Have you arranged everything at the factory?”

“All done!” Archie laughed coldly. “Diane is definitely going to regret taking this project back!”

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