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Chapter 139

They were very clear about April’s family situation.

Only Diane was working, while April had to take care of William since he was crippled. They lived very frugally all these years, so there was no way they had so much money.

The only explanation…

It only took one look from Christopher for Sherry to understand. She turned to look at Diane and shook her head inside her heart.

Her niece was really quite pretty, so if she put aside her shame, it wasn’t difficult to find a rich man.

So Ethan was just a shield for what was really happening after all.

Diane never imagined that a greeting gift from Ethan to Jenny could make her eldest aunt think of something like that.

In the hall, Grandma Baker couldn’t stop touching the bangle and couldn’t be bothered to talk about how Ethan was married into the family. She couldn’t wait to wear it and kept asking Cheryl if it looked pretty on her.

Of course Cheryl didn’t dare to say it wasn’t pretty, but she was feeling very conflicted inside.

She felt embarrassed to bring that massage chair over from her family after this $56,000 bangle.

Ethan sniffed when he smelled the fragrance of food wafting out from the kitchen.

“My uncle’s wife cooks very well,” Diane threw Ethan a glance. She knew this guy was a real glutton. “It’s been a few years since I ate her cooking too.”

Diane hated coming here for the past few years.

“Everything’s ready! Go bring the dishes out!” Jared shouted as he carried a large pot of soup out of the kitchen and carefully placed it on the table.

When he saw Ethan getting up, he quickly said, “Oh no, don’t get up, you’re a guest and you shouldn’t be doing these things.”

“Wow Jared, you’re really good at talking,” Sherry had a smile on her face but she wasn’t smiling inside at all. “So we’re not guests?”

“Sis, what are you talking about? You’re even in charge of this family, so are you considered a guest?”

Sherry had no idea how to respond to this.

She was used to being in charge and even though she had married out of the family already, she still wanted to be in control of her family. Even Jared as the eldest son of the family didn’t have as much say as she did.

Cheryl went into the kitchen to bring the dishes out, and in no time the table was filled with eight or nine dishes.

Jared’s wife removed her apron and there was a layer of perspiration on her forehead. “Everything’s cooked! Mum, come and eat.”

When she saw Diane, her face was full of smiles. “Diane, I was busy in the kitchen earlier and didn’t get to say hello to you. This is your husband, right?”

“Hello Auntie,” Ethan greeted her loudly.

“Oh hello!” She was very happy to hear him greet her. Earlier she had dropped the salt into the vegetables when Jenny told her about his greeting gift in the kitchen.

Sherry scoffed when she saw how Jared’s wife was so polite to Ethan and Diane.

She quietly remarked that this sister-in-law of hers really knew how to butter up to those with money.

“Mum, have a seat.”

Sherry helped the old lady onto the seat, then she and Christopher sat on both sides of her mother, while her son sat next to her, and the rest took their seats.

Jared had arranged the chairs such that Ethan would be nearer to his mother, followed by Diane.

Ethan was a guest and guests should have the more important seats. But since Sherry and her family had taken the seats closest to his mother, he couldn’t say anything either.

“Oh my, your cooking is really amazing,” Cheryl exclaimed to Jared’s wife when she saw all the dishes on the table. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

Jared looked at his wife and smiled, “You’re right about that. I fell in love with her cooking and wasn’t going to marry anyone else!”

Everyone at the table burst out laughing.

“What are you talking about!” Jared’s wife was all shy.

Diane knew that her uncle and her aunt were very loving. Even though they weren’t very well off, they never quarreled, and that in itself was very rare.

She turned to Ethan, “Have a taste?”

“Oh yes, please do try the dishes!” Jared’s wife chimed in excitedly.

“Mum hasn’t said anything yet!” Sherry said loudly. “Today is her birthday, so can’t we let my mother say a few words first?”

Diane frowned slightly. She felt that her eldest aunt was purposely doing this to pick on her and Ethan.

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