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Chapter 138

Jenny was stunned and Jared was also shocked. He pushed it back, “Oh no no, I haven’t even given you two any as your uncle, how could I…”

“Uncle, take it,” said Diane. “My mum has given instructions for us to give Jenny a red packet. If you don’t take it, then my mum’s going to scold us when we get back.”

Jared smiled a little awkwardly and allowed Jenny to accept the red packet. He quickly reminded her, “Aren’t you going to thank Ethan?”

“Thank you Ethan.”

Jenny said this rather softly, then ran off.

Sherry and her family were filled with disdain when they saw this. Why such a big fuss over a greeting gift? It wasn’t as if it involved a lot of money.

Christopher didn’t say anything and continued to look like he was an important person. There was a calm and faint smile on his face, as if he looked down on everything.

Sherry figured there was probably two or three hundred dollars inside that red packet.

Her son had already gotten married and wouldn’t receive red packets. Otherwise she would have been cross if her own son had only received two or three hundred dollars.

Just as she was thinking about this, Jenny suddenly came running out. Her face was all red and nervous as if she had seen something terrifying. Even her breathing was quicker than usual.

“What’s wrong?” Jared looked at how anxious she looked. “Why did you come back out here? Go help your mum.”

“Dad…” Jenny’s voice trembled slightly. Her two hands were holding onto that red packet and her palms were covered in sweat.

She then turned to look at Diane and Ethan. “The red packet…it’s too much.”


Sherry burst out laughing.

“I say, Jenny, you’re a high schooler already. If you’re already so nervous over seeing a few hundred dollars, what are you going to do when the college exams roll around?” Sherry couldn’t help but shake her head. Her younger brother had only married when he was thirty, and had one daughter. He was a timid man, but how was his daughter equally timid?

She was actually frightened by a few hundred dollars.

“It’s not just a few hundred dollars,” Jenny quickly explained. “It’s not a few hundred dollars at all!”

“How much is it?” asked Cheryl.

She was quite curious. The red packet was quite large and you could put quite a bit of money inside, but she didn’t think anyone would give that much as a greeting gift.

After all, Ethan was just a man who married into the family.


“A hundred?” Sherry was immediately displeased. “I say, Ethan, a hundred is really too little. Jenny may be just a student, but according to our usual custom, at least two hundred…”

“It’s $10,000!” Jenny finally couldn’t hold it in and exclaimed how much was inside.

The air froze once more.

Sherry was cut off right in the middle of her sentence and she nearly choked on her own saliva.

Christopher was about to light his cigarette and nearly dropped it. His son was drinking tea and immediately started coughing violently, so much so that tea even sprayed out from his nose.

$10,000 dollars?

A greeting gift of $10,000?

Who in this family ever gave so much?!

When Sherry’s son and daughter-in-law first met Jenny, they only gave $300.

Ethan continued to sit where he was quietly. $10,000 was nothing to him.

“That’s too much!”

Jared’s face was all red. This was equivalent to two months’ of his salary, and it was really too much to be a greeting gift to someone younger.

“It’s not a lot,” Ethan replied calmly. “Jenny is going for her college exams soon and she’ll need to buy a lot of books and exercises to prepare for it, plus she’ll need to make sure that her body is healthy and well nourished. This is just a small gift from me, when you get into a good university I’ll reward you, you can have anything you want.”

This generous way of speaking didn’t sound like a man who married into his wife’s family at all.

April’s family didn’t have this much money, but this supposedly homeless son-in-law couldn’t possibly have any money at all!

Sherry exchanged glances with Christopher, and their expressions were very conflicted. What was going on?

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