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Chapter 137

Sherry froze for a while before pulling the receipt out of the bag. She looked at the price clearly printed on it.

“$56,000!” She couldn’t help exclaiming, “How can it be?!”

A bangle cost $56,000?

This wasn’t the really expensive type either, and could be considered fairly ordinary.

Since this was just for Diane’s grandmother, Ethan didn’t buy something too expensive. If he was buying something for April, he would have bought something worth ten or twenty times more.

But even so, Sherry’s exclamation stunned everyone in the hall.

A jade bangle worth $56,000?

What madness was this?

Cheryl stared at Diane and couldn’t believe this was real.

Her family had decided to give an $8,000 massage chair and Cheryl was all ready to show off to the world. But now she didn’t dare to say anything anymore. This bangle alone was $56,000.

Jared was about to ask if Sherry had seen the receipt wrongly, but he knew that this eldest sister of his wouldn’t have seen anything to do with money wrongly.


That was pretty much his entire year’s salary.

Diane spent that amount of money on just one bangle.

Even Grandma Baker herself thought that her old ears had heard wrongly.

“How much, you said?” she asked.

“Mum, $56,000,” Jared replied her. “April is really filial for giving Mum something so expensive.”

He then purposely threw a glance at Sherry.

The moment Grandma Baker heard the amount, she quickly snatched the box back from Sherry and her eyes crinkled from smiling.

Diane’s expression didn’t change at all. She was already numb to it after Ethan shocked her time and again. Her expression wouldn’t have changed even if the receipt said $560,000.

The good part was that it wasn’t really that expensive, otherwise she would have felt bad.

Sherry had bought a gold ring from the same shop herself and recognized their receipt. But she had only dared to spend $10,000, and she felt the pain for several days. Diane had bought a $56,000 bangle to give away, so Sherry’s expression immediately darkened.

She was still mocking Diane earlier and telling them not to pretend to be rich. But this one bangle made her shut her mouth.

“My mum won’t buy a fake,” Diane said. “Especially since it’s for Grandma.”

Sherry was even more embarrassed now. She could see that Diane’s gaze had fallen on her grandmother’s new clothes.

Sherry claimed to have spent several thousand, but actually they added up to less than $500.

Diane was implying that Sherry had bought fakes!

“April is really rich huh, looks like she’s managed to leech quite a bit off the Palmers,” Sherry scoffed and muttered quietly to herself.

Diane immediately flared up when she heard this.

What did she mean by leeching off the Palmers?

They had never taken anything from the Palmers!

She wanted to explain herself, but Ethan tugged at her hand and shook her head to tell her not to be rash.

It was her grandmother’s birthday today, so it was best not to make things awkward.

“Alright now, since April is busy, it’s fine that she didn’t come. It’s good enough that Diane and Ethan are here,” Jared quickly put this matter to an end. “Everyone, take a seat, the kitchen is very busy and the food will be ready soon.”

He then pulled a box of cigarettes from his pocket and offered one to Christopher, but Christopher merely smiled and pointed to the expensive one that was already balanced on his ear.

He looked down on Jared’s box.

Jared looked a little awkward as he pulled another one out and offered it to Ethan. Ethan immediately took it without looking. “Thanks, Uncle.”

He then naturally put it into his mouth.”

“Jenny! Pour some tea for Diane and Ethan!” Jared shouted.

A girl who looked like a high schooler soon came out with two cups of tea.

“Diane, here’s your tea.”

The young lady looked a little fearful of Ethan and felt too shy to greet him.

“This is your cousin-in-law, Ethan,” said Jared with a frown.

“Ethan, here’s your tea,” said the young lady with a red face.

“You must be Jenny,” Ethan smiled as he pulled out a red packet from his pocket. “Since this is our first time meeting each other, then according to custom, here’s a greeting gift from me.”

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