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Chapter 136

Sherry pointed to the clothes on the old lady, “Look, the clothes on your grandma are worth a few thousand!”

“And your Second Uncle is sending a massage chair over here right now, it’s worth $8000!”

“We’ve all just tried our best to do what we can for our elderly mother,” Sherry sighed. “I know about your family’s situation, so a small contribution is enough. Also, go back and tell your mum not to put up a front.”

She started to chide Diane, “Why bother when you’re just coming to visit your own family? She even rented a car! Why not save that money and use it to show some filial piety towards your grandma? We’re all one family, so we all know each others’ situation.”

Sherry hated to see others doing better than her. She hadn’t even had the chance to show off in front of the relatives when Diane came driving a car worth $500,000. What was this even?

They might as well have rented a car that was worth a million dollars.

Everybody was suddenly enlightened after hearing what Sherry said.

Everyone knew the situation at Diane’s home. Never mind buying a car – William’s monthly medical bills were enough to keep them on a tight budget.

“It’s more important to live a down to earth life, understand?” Sherry glared at Diane as she said this, as if she was getting addicted to chiding her niece.


Diane was about to get angry but Ethan squeezed her hand gently to tell her not to, so she held it in.

Sherry was an elder to her after all, so even if Sherry wasn’t happy, there was no need for her to explain anything to them.

“So what did April buy for Mum?” Cheryl smiled and asked this question once she saw that Sherry didn’t have anymore to say.

Cheryl’s family had bought a massage chair worth more than $8,000!

She couldn’t bear to part with the money, but she was so annoyed that her older sister was always so smug. Last year Cheryl promised to buy a massage chair, so she got her husband to get one that very day.

There was a little bag in Diane’s hand. Ethan had bought this at the mall earlier.

She didn’t know what it was either. She opened the bag for the first time and pulled a box out.

“Grandma, my mum isn’t free to come, but I’ve brought a gift and I hope you’ll like it.”

Diane took the box, and she could feel a bright green gleam shine through the moment she opened it.

The old lady’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Jade!” Cheryl’s eyes were very sharp and she couldn’t help but exclaim. “This…this is jade, right?”

There was a jade bangle in the box, shiny and translucent like a piece of ice. It shone with a faint green glow, and Cheryl swallowed her saliva several times just looking at it.

“This isn’t jade at all,” Sherry laughed before Diane could say anything. “This is just glass.”

Jade? If April’s family could afford to buy jade for the old lady, that would really be a joke.

She took the box from Diane’s hand and peered at it. “Cheryl, you’re not experienced enough to tell these things huh.”

She then threw Diane a glance and shook her head, her expression filled with disdain and disappointment.

“Diane, I’m not trying to put you down, but how could you just buy something off the streets as a gift? Isn’t that going too far?”

She had spent a few thousand on clothes, and brought a lot of food too. Cheryl’s family had bought a massage chair that cost more than 8000 dollars too.

Meanwhile, Diane had brought this glass bangle. Did she think she was a kid just coming over to play?

How rude!

“We can all understand since your family has no money and it’s fine if you bought some bangle or ring that costs only 1 or 2 thousand dollars. But you actually brought a piece of glass here! Your grandma is old and can’t see very well, but I can see very clearly!”

Diane pursed her lips and her face started getting red from anger.

She really couldn’t hold it in anymore!

“I know your eyesight is excellent. So why don’t you take a look at the receipt and tell me if a street stall could produce something like that?”

Diane refused to believe that Ethan, a man who didn’t even blink at buying a 2 million dollar car, would buy an imitation!

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