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Chapter 135

It was a little quiet outside.

Jared and the rest had a look of disbelief on their face. They had no idea where Sherry found the confidence to say that this BMW only cost 50 or 60 thousand.

She could try buying one with that amount of money and see what she got.

Diane didn’t move. She frowned and felt some discomfort in her heart.

Sherry’s tone of voice seemed to have gone overboard.

Even if they were strangers, parking lots were a matter of first come first served.

“Why are you still staring into space?” Sherry noticed that Diane didn’t move and became displeased immediately. She turned to glare at Ethan. “I’m talking about you. The keys are in your hand, so go move the car.”

The Volkswagen behind stopped because he saw that there was a BMW in front and didn’t dare to squeeze in beside it in case he scratched it.

He just parked the car, turned off the engine and got out of the car. He looked at the car from the back all the way to the front and whistled. “This car is really pretty, whose is it?”

“What do you mean by it’s pretty, our car is the prettiest.” Sherry scoffed and didn’t say anymore since her own son had already parked. “It’s just some domestic car worth around 50 or 60 thousand, so how can it be compared to ours?”

Her son’s mouth twitched. He thought he had heard wrongly.

He looked up to see Diane standing next to the car and couldn’t help but ask, “Diane, this car belongs to your family?”

Diane didn’t want to bother about him and just walked over to her grandmother. “Grandma, my dad’s in the hospital and my mum’s taking care of him. They both can’t come today, so I’ve come here with Ethan to celebrate your birthday.”

The old lady nodded. She glanced at Ethan with a displeased face but didn’t say anything.

She couldn’t just chase him out like that.

Diane helped her grandmother back into the house and Ethan followed behind them. He could feel that everyone was looking at him.

Did he attract that much attention?

“Mum! That’s no domestic car!” Sherry’s son whispered to his mother behind. “It’s a luxury car, this one costs $500,000!”

“How much?”

Sherry thought she heard wrongly.

“500 grand!”

She couldn’t help but gasp. She turned to look at the car again and suddenly felt like it did look prettier than her own Volkswagen.

“This April is really terrible. If she has no money then she has no money, why bother renting a car? There’s no point in pretending to be rich!”

She refused to believe that April’s family would have suddenly become rich. She knew April’s situation very well.

Christopher was still sitting in the house and never stood up at all. He continued to behave like he was an important man.

“Oh, Diane, you’re here. After not seeing you for a few years, you seem prettier than before,” Christopher smiled when he saw Diane help the old lady into the house. “You want me to find a partner for you?”

Diane calmly replied, “I’m already married.”

Christopher finally looked up.

His gaze landed on Ethan and looked him up and down.

Ethan just nodded as a greeting.

Sherry threw him a glance and Christopher immediately understood. April had really found a man to marry into the family?

He felt like laughing.

“Jared, tell your wife that she can start cooking. Everyone’s here, so she can prepare the food,” Sherry instructed.

Jared didn’t say anything. His wife had been busy all day, and if she didn’t do a good job, his sister would even criticize her. Even if he got angry, he could only hold it in.

“Mum, look, Diane is starting to get somewhere now, I heard she’s working for Palmer Group now,” Sherry said with a smile. “Diane, how’s your job now? Your salary is really high, right?”

“It’s alright.” Diane remained quiet. She didn’t like the way Sherry looked at her.

“What present did your mum prepare for your grandma’s birthday?” Sherry was very direct. “The few of us had put in a lot of effort into our gifts.”

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