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Chapter 134

Grandma Baker was immediately stunned.

That was so embarrassing!

Cheryl never thought that such an outstanding child like Diane had to find a husband to marry into her family.

And this husband was a homeless and crazy man?

What was William and April thinking? Even if they had no money for their daughter’s dowry, they shouldn’t do things like that.

“Cheryl, I thought your colleague’s son was looking for a partner? Why don’t you introduce him to Diane? This April is really out of line, so as her older sisters, we can’t just not do anything!”

“Sure, I’ll talk to April later.”

Just as they were talking, there was the sound of a car horn from outside.

“Oh my, that must be my precious son!” Sherry exclaimed excitedly. “He’s taken the family car to drive around these days. The car made it easier for him to find a partner!”

She then left her mother where she was and ran out of the room.

“Mum, let’s go out too.”

Cheryl helped the old lady out. She knew that Sherry’s car had cost them more than $200,000 and it was very precious to them.

“It’s not really anything fancy, just a little more than $200,000,” Sherry walked and smiled at the same time. “I’ll go discuss with Christopher, once we get a grandson, we’ll buy him an even more expensive car!”

She walked to the front of her house to find that the car parked there didn’t belong to her family.

She looked at the blue and white car logo. She’d never seen it before.

“First Aunt.”

The car door opened and Diane got out. When she saw Grandma Baker walking their way, she called out, “Grandma, happy birthday!”

It was suddenly very silent.

Everyone’s attention wasn’t on Diane, but on the car. Especially that blue and white logo on the car.

Jared came up and took a look around the car. “Diane, when did your family get a car?”

This car didn’t seem cheap.

“We bought it last month.”

“This probably costs 50 or 60 thousand right?” Sherry took a glance. “Domestic cars are all around this price.”

Jared and the rest didn’t say anything. Even if they didn’t know exactly how much the car costs, they were pretty sure this car was more expensive than Sherry’s Volkswagen Passat.

Diane didn’t respond and just smiled.

The driver’s door opened and Ethan got out to stand next to Diane.

“Hello everyone, I’m Ethan.”

Everyone’s gaze now fell on Ethan immediately.

At one glance, Ethan stood straight but there was something casual about him and he didn’t look rich at all. The clothes he wore also looked very ordinary, and he looked quite a bit older when standing next to Diane.

“Diane, this is the partner your parents found for you?” Cheryl instantly frowned.

Her eldest sister had said the truth after all. This was the husband that married into the family.

The family had bought a car and let this punk drive it? Besides, where did April’s family get the money to buy such an expensive car?

“That’s right, Grandma, this is Ethan, my husband,” Diane nodded.


The old lady started getting angry.

So it was true that April had really found a husband to marry into the family, just like what Sherry said earlier. That was such an embarrassment!

Before Grandma Baker could say anything, a car horn sounded and a Volkswagen Passat drove in. Sherry took one look and took a step forward with a broad smile on her face. “Diane, move your car aside, my son is driving the car in. This 50 or 60 thousand dollar car of yours can park somewhere else, don’t take up this space!”

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