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Chapter 133

Jared was all red in the face from doing this, but he could only keep quiet and slowly change the couplets all by himself.

Sherry glanced at the time. It was already half past ten and there were still people who hadn’t arrived.

Hadn’t she told them the time clearly? Or they didn’t dare to come?

“She doesn’t even care about her own mother’s birthday, I don’t even know what she’s so busy doing everyday. Earning big dollars? I don’t see anything!”

Sherry got up and all the peanut shells fell to the floor. She immediately yelled for her niece to sweep everything up.

She then rushed into the room where her younger sister, Cheryl, was helping Grandma Baker to change.

“I’ll do it.”

Sherry put a bright smile on her face. “Mum, how are the clothes? I spent a few thousand on them, do you like them?”

Grandma Baker smiled and nodded, “Yes I like them, I like them.”

She could tell that these clothes didn’t cost a few thousand dollars at all. They were probably on discount at some departmental store.

But she didn’t dare to say any of this. Her own eldest daughter was very imposing and if she said anything, her daughter would scold her for sure.

“Where’s your husband?” Sherry turned to ask Cheryl. “Didn’t he say he was going to buy Mum a massage chair? He hasn’t chosen one yet?”

Cheryl quickly replied, “He’s chosen one already, and he told the seller to send it over today.”

She looked a little smug as she said, “It cost more than $8,000!”

Then she turned to look at Grandma Baker, “Mum, when you feel tired you can just lie on it, turn it on and you’ll feel all relaxed.”

“My daughter is really filial,” Grandma Baker smiled and patted Cheryl’s hand.

“Where’s April?” Cheryl asked. “Have you called her yet? It’s so late already and she’s nowhere to be seen.”

“I’ve already called!” Sherry glared back in annoyance. “Of course I’ve called. I called so many times yesterday too and she said she’d definitely be here. But look at the time! Doesn’t she know how to come earlier and help around the house?!”

Her words were filled with annoyance and displeasure.

“Greencliff is a bit further from here, so maybe she’s still on the way,” Grandma Baker remarked.

“Still on the way? It only takes me an hour by car,” Sherry scoffed. “Oh I almost forgot, their family doesn’t have a car, so they’ll have to take a bus or something. That would certainly take up more time.”

Sherry had nearly forgotten that her youngest sister wasn’t like them. She had a car, so it would only take an hour’s drive to get to Greencliff. Without a car, they’d need to take two buses to get here and it would take more time.

“This April is really terrible. Cars are so cheap these days, you can buy a domestic car for 50 or 60 grand but she doesn’t have the money to buy. Can’t she even make an initial down payment of 20 or 30 grand?” Sherry straightened out her mother’s clothes as she continued complaining, “A car is so convenient, you can go wherever you want.”

“50 or 60 grand is quite a lot of money too. William has to take medicine for his legs every month, so she doesn’t have any excess cash on hand,” Cheryl shook her head.

“In the end it’s that cripple that burdened our youngest sister.” Sherry continued without a thought. “Our sister was so pretty and she was the prettiest in school. So many boys went after her, but somehow she was blind enough to fall for that useless man.”

“Alright enough, don’t talk about these things anymore.” Grandma Baker didn’t want to hear about these things. April would be so sad if she overheard these words.

“Mum, you don’t have to speak up for her. She thought that she could live a good life after marrying into the Palmers. In the end? Nobody in the Palmer family cares about William! The rest of the family gets to enjoy life while William is just a cripple and a total coward!”

Sherry scoffed and continued, “I even heard that this William found a husband for Diane to marry into the family. Have you heard of anything more cowardly than this?”

“A husband to marry into the family?”

“Exactly!” Sherry’s voice went up in pitch and couldn’t wait for everyone to know. “I heard he’s a homeless man too!”

She pointed to the side of her head. “And he’s got something wrong up here too!”

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