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Chapter 131

Mud started flying everywhere and roars filled the sky.

After fighting for more than two hours, the last one standing was Number 3. He stood there and smiled, and didn’t even bother wiping away the mud on his face.

“Trying to fight with me? You guys gotta buck up!” Number 3 gloated, then turned to look at Brother Geoff. “How’s it? Can you make a decision now?”

“Sure,” Brother Geoff nodded. “Number 3, listen up. This is a very important mission so don’t embarrass us!”

“Even if I die, I’ll make sure Big Boss’ father-in-law is safe!”

Nobody had any regrets.

If they lost, they lost. Since they were willing to fight fairly for it, they were willing to admit defeat too.

But they knew very well that they were walking along the right path to never stop becoming stronger. They must never stop becoming stronger!

All of them were all pumped up, not because of what Ethan would reward them with, but because of the faith and confidence Ethan had in them.


April was in the hospital looking after William, so the duty of cooking at home naturally fell onto Diane.

But compared to April, Diane’s cooking wasn’t really good at all.

“Or else, we’ll go out and eat? My treat?”

Diane glanced at all the dishes she cooked on the table. Nothing seemed quite right in terms of color, smell or taste.

She rarely cooked. April was such a perfect wife and mother, so there was no chance for her to cook at all.

“No need.” Ethan didn’t seem to care and ate like everything was really tasty.

When he was out completing missions, he had eaten all sorts of things before and his stomach could take anything now.

Besides, this was the first time he was eating Diane’s cooking, so Ethan looked like he was enjoying himself.

Instead it was Diane who couldn’t stand eating any of it.

It was too salty!

Just when she was about to tell Ethan that he’d better not eat anymore, the house phone rang.

Diane walked over to pick it up. “Hello? First Aunt? My mum isn’t home, she’s with my dad in the hospital.”

“Grandma’s seventieth birthday?”

There was an obvious change in Diane’s tone of voice. “Ok, our family will attend, I’ll let my parents know.”

After hanging up the phone, Diane’s expression didn’t look too good.

“What’s wrong?”

Ethan had nearly finished everything on the table.

“My maternal grandmother’s seventieth birthday.”

Diane smiled bitterly. Her eldest aunt loved organizing this sort of thing and insisted on celebrating her grandmother’s birthday every year.

It wasn’t because her eldest aunt was really filial. She just wanted to take this chance to put up a big show of how filial she was and collect more gifts. She was the organizer and took charge of the whole thing, so she called the shots on how much to spend.

April’s family was poor and couldn’t contribute so much, so this aunt had looked down on them and treated them badly for several years now.

As a result, April never bought anything for herself and kept the money to buy something nice for her mother.

Otherwise she would be labeled an unfilial daughter again.

“Dad definitely can’t go,” said Diane. “Mum has to take care of Dad and definitely can’t go either, so what am I going to do?”

“If our family doesn’t send someone there, I don’t know what other awful things First Aunt is going to say.”

She knew her eldest aunt the best. This aunt would say anything she wanted and she dared to say absolutely anything.

“Then we’ll go,” replied Ethan. “It’s only right for us to celebrate the birthday of our elders. I’ll prepare a present too.”

“Wait, what?” Diane quickly shook her head. “No, don’t spend this money.”

In her heart, she didn’t want to go at all. She didn’t like seeing those relatives.

After William was crippled, which relative had ever shown any concern for them? They even laughed behind their backs, saying that William was a cripple for the rest of his life and April was blind for thinking that she married a rich man when she really married a cripple.

Diane never talked about it, but she knew all about it.

She was kindhearted, but it didn’t mean that she could keep pretending that she didn’t know others were bullying her.

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