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Chapter 130

When Number 3 saw Brother Geoff driving Ethan’s car in, he couldn’t help but ask, “Big Boss is here?”

“Nope, just Brother Geoff.”

Brother Geoff was wearing sunglasses and took large and confident strides. His head was tilted upwards slightly and was full of charisma.

When he walked over to them, he purposely took the car key out and pressed the button on it. The car headlights flashed twice and automatically kept the side mirrors in. It was cool and chic at the same time.

“Brother Geoff, Big Boss didn’t come?”


Brother Geoff reluctantly took his sunglasses off. “You bunch of losers, how disappointed would Big Boss be if he saw you guys?”

“I’ve improved by three seconds,” replied Number 3 indignantly.

“Are you as fast as me?”

Brother Geoff didn’t mince his words. “You’re still two seconds behind me!”

Number 3 didn’t say anymore.

The rest remained silent too. They had to admit that Brother Geoff was indeed the fastest at completing the course out of all of them at the moment. The rest couldn’t catch up at the moment, but it didn’t mean that they would always fall behind.

“And because I’ve worked hard enough and improved fast enough, Big Boss has given me this car as a reward!” Brother Geoff couldn’t hide the smugness in his voice. “This is an affirmation of what I’ve achieved and it’s an encouragement to me!”

“Brother Geoff, you’re serious?” Number 2 didn’t really believe him.

“Has Big Boss ever lied to us?”

“Would Big Boss feel the pinch by buying this car?”

“I tell you, I just went to the shop with Big Boss to buy a car for his father-in-law, and he bought a 2 million dollar car!”

All of them gasped. They didn’t know how rich Ethan was.

“So he gave this car to me,” Brother Geoff smugly continued. “Big Boss also said that as long as anyone of you improves sufficiently to satisfy him, he will continue to give cars away, and his aim is to give everyone a car each!”

They all started getting excited.

They had been struggling and fighting for the past twenty thirty years, and were usually in a state where they always had trouble putting food on the table.

Now that they had followed Ethan, their monthly salary was $10,000 and they had a place to eat and sleep. Now he was giving a reward if their abilities improved?

But the thing that was improving was their ability!

“You don’t believe me?” Brother Geoff snorted. “Big Boss isn’t short of money and he’s willing to give these things to you, so it’s a matter of whether you guys work hard enough or not!”

“I’ll tell you guys straight,” he glanced at all of them. “Someone like Big Boss could have completely ignored all of us, but he actually gave us a chance!”

Everyone knew this very well. Ethan was practically a god, and they all admired how powerful he was.

The more they trained and improved themselves, the more they felt how terrifying Ethan was. He was so terrifying that they couldn’t seem to see the full extent of it.

“I’ve never admitted defeat or bowed down to anyone, but when it comes to Big Boss, I’ll lie on the floor to show how much I admire him!”

His eyes were gleaming with deep belief and reverence for Ethan.

Ethan was one who doted on his wife, protected his in-laws, and took good care of his brothers. Who wouldn’t admire such a person?

“I just wanted to tell you guys,” Brother Geoff took a deep breath. “As long as you guys push yourselves hard enough and work hard enough, then Big Boss will help you to attain things that you never even dreamt of having!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up instantly.

There were some who were tired, but all the fatigue disappeared in an instant.

“Also,” Brother Geoff suddenly laughed and his lips curled upwards. “Big Boss’ father-in-law need a driver and bodyguard, and he asked me to arrange for one person…”

Everyone was staring at Brother Geoff as if they were going to gobble him up!

This was someone Big Boss had personally requested for!

“Bloody hell, don’t just look at me. Something as important as protecting his father-in-law means only the best gets to go!”

Brother Geoff walked away and sat down as he calmly said, “Let’s have a fight. Whoever wins gets to do it!”

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