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Chapter 13

Diane ran to the cashier area and there was already the sound of the cash register printing the bill out!

“Miss, the total price is $487,000, I will register the car for you. We will also be giving a free decal and petrol station topup card.”

The salesgirl was extremely excited. She didn’t expect to make a sale so soon after starting work here.

The commission was not little on a BMW either.

She used both hands to return the receipt and card to Diane, and her voice trembled a little. “This is your card and receipt. I’ll get a temporary license plate for the car first, then once the registration is settled, I will install the actual license plate for you.”

Diane was stunned.

She didn’t expect this salesgirl to process everything so quickly. And more than that, Ethan’s card actually had so much money in it!

Nearly $500,000!

And it was spent just like that?

She had worked so hard for the last two years, and there was barely $50,000 in her savings. Ethan…was just a homeless guy, where did he get this much money from?

Diane walked over to Ethan, her eyes staring at him like he was a monster.

She still couldn’t believe it. This car had already been bought by them.

It wasn’t just her. Even those sales assistants in the corner felt their stomach churn. They were the ones who first spotted Ethan walk in, but they didn’t bother attending to them and ended up giving this golden opportunity to a newbie.

“He seriously bought it?”

One of them couldn’t help but ask the newbie.

“He did! So cool!” The salesgirl couldn’t hide her excitement. “I’ve seen the symbol on that card before, it’s a very special card, and you need to have a minimum amount in your account to get it!”

Was it 100 million? Or 1 billion?

All the sales assistants within earshot swallowed hard and slapped themselves in their hearts. They’ve made a really huge loss this time!

The salesgirl didn’t care about them. The commission from this sale was enough to make her happy for half a year already. She quickly went to get the car and its temporary license ready.

On the other side, Diane was pouting. The more she looked at Ethan, the less she understood about him.

“How many things are you hiding from me?”

“Not many, I’ll tell you in the future.”

Ethan shrugged. All he did was to buy a car worth a few hundred thousand bucks, did Diane really have to look at him like that?

“Hop in and have a feel.”

He opened the car door and got Diane to get into the car.

As she sat on the soft car seat, Diane felt like she was in a dream. It was so unreal.

“Sir, I’ve processed the temporary license plate already, and will take another two days to get the actual plate done and you can drop by the shop to get it installed. If you need anything, you can call me anytime.”

The salesgirl bowed and politely placed her name card on a very conspicuous part of the car.

“Can we go?” Ethan asked.


“Wait, what about my scooter?” Diane suddenly thought of the scooter that had been her companion for the last two years.

“Leave it.”

Ethan didn’t bother saying anything else and got into the driver’s seat, turned on the engine and left.

The salesgirl watched them leave while still feeling flushed. This was the first time she’d seen someone this rich.

He bought a BMW like buying groceries!

Especially that calm and careless look on Ethan’s face. It gave off a strange sort of middle-aged man charm, and she was completely mesmerized.

The other sales assistants were filled with regret, but there was nothing they could do but blame themselves for being blind. So much for being good at judging people – that was all bullshit!

Ethan was driving while Diane sat in the front passenger seat. She couldn’t help but stretch out her hands to touch the real leather interior of the car. She looked at the beautiful dashboard and wondered how she was going to explain this to her parents.

She rode a scooter out and it somehow turned into a BMW when she came back?

“Ethan, you’re not an ordinary person, right?”

No matter how naïve Diane was, she knew no ordinary man on the street would be able to simply spend $500,000 on a car like that.

“Why do you have so much money?”

“If you have so much money, then why did you apply to marry into the Palmers and be laughed at by everyone?”

She had a thousand and one questions.

“You heard of Beggars’ Sect from those old sword fighting novels? My sect is pretty rich,” Ethan answered her carelessly.

Diane took a while to react and suddenly realized that Ethan was teasing her.

“Can you be serious!”

“The doctor said my body is weak and I can’t take care of myself and will have to rely on a woman to feed and clothe me, so I came looking for you,” Ethan said while smiling.

Diane gave up asking. She knew this guy wasn’t going to tell her the truth. But in these two days, Ethan had given her shock after shock, each one bigger than the last.

She found it hard to believe what was happening. Ethan was supposed to be a homeless man who married into her family and rely on her family for his daily needs.

But why did he have to humble himself like this?

Magnolia Estates.

Diane and family had lived here for the past ten years. Since William was paralyzed in that car accident, they had moved here.

April was pushing the wheelchair along and taking a nice walk with William.

Both of them seemed worried about something and didn’t say anything.

“Oh April, you’re out for a walk again.”

One of the neighboring aunties called out to her from afar. “I heard Diane got married, and your son-in-law lives with you.”

There was something in her tone of voice that made the listener feel uncomfortable.

April squeezed a smile out but didn’t wish to answer her.

Having a man marry into the family was nothing to be proud of. But after merely two days, the entire town knew about it. How embarrassing!

“Let’s go home,” William sighed.

“You’re going back already? It’s not time to cook yet, why not spend a little more time in the sun,” the auntie turned around and walked towards them. “Tsk, you had a wedding and didn’t even give any wedding cake out to the neighbors.”

“What does your son-in-law look like? What sort of qualifications does he have? I bet he’s really rich right?”

William’s family was also related to that Palmer family. Even if he wasn’t as rich as Steven, surely he couldn’t be that worse off.

April’s face started to turn nasty. “What has that got to do with you?”

The auntie immediately frowned when she heard this.

“What are you angry about? You found someone to marry into the family, and I can’t even ask?”

Of course she already knew all about it before asking.

Who in this tiny estate didn’t know about this huge breaking news?

Diane was such a pretty young lady, but they found someone to marry into her family. They’d even heard that he was a homeless person and ten years older than Diane!

What sort of poor taste did this Palmer family have? Why did they choose a man like that?


April started getting angry and her face was turning red.

“I don’t really want to say this, but you are her parents, yet you didn’t help to get a good deal for her. Didn’t I introduce a nice boy to Diane that time?”

“He works for the government, has a stable 9 to 5 job. I was so kind to introduce him to you but you didn’t want him and I even got scolded by his family. Regretting it now?”

She had come to agitate April over this matter.

April was so angry she started shaking. She turned to leave because she didn’t want to bother about this irritating neighbor anymore.

“You two, better chase away that son-in-law soon, and I’ll introduce someone else to you ok?”

The auntie was still persistent, and even had a gleeful smile on her face.

Suddenly a brand new BMW drove through the main gate of the estate and stopped right in front of the auntie. The bright white paint under the sunlight nearly blinded her.

Before she could react, Diane and Ethan alighted from the car.


Diane called out.

The auntie was stunned.

“This…this is your car?”

Her face was filled with disbelief.

She had seen this car before. When one of her relatives got married, they gave this car as part of her dowry and she heard it was $500,000! She hadn’t forgotten that gloating face on her relative’s face!

Diane looked at Ethan and didn’t know how to respond. This car was bought by Ethan, so it wasn’t hers.

“I bought it for her.”

Ethan answered for her.

The auntie’s face started turning pale. Ethan bought it? He had married into the family, so how could he have so much money?

“Ethan bought it. He said I’ll catch a cold from riding a scooter to work in the morning.”

Diane’s face was red and said this awkwardly.

In that instant, the auntie started to feel jealousy rising in her heart. Because she would catch a cold from riding a scooter to work in the morning?

He still didn’t need to buy a luxury car worth a few hundred thousand dollars either!

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