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Chapter 129

There was a strange silence in the air.

It was as if time had frozen. Even those salespersons standing at the door had their ears up and didn’t even blink.

“Anything more expensive?”

Ethan’s words were like a bomb that exploded next to everyone’s ears.

It was a 2.42 million dollar car!

And he still wanted something more expensive?!

This was the most expensive model out of all the cars in the 7 series. If he wanted something more expensive, there weren’t any ready stocks available either.

The salesgirl felt some difficulty in breathing. The most expensive car she could sell right now was the 7 series. She wasn’t ranked high enough to sell anything more expensive than this.

“Ethaaaan…” Diane tugged at Ethan’s hand and swung it gently. “Enough, it’s really enough.”

“If you spend unnecessarily, my mum will be unhappy.”

She was really frightened. If she didn’t stop Ethan now, he would really buy something more expensive.

How much money did he even have!

“You can’t make my mum unhappy just to make my dad happy, right?”

Diane whispered, “My mum calls the shots in our house after all.”

Ethan shrugged. “Alright then.”

“We’ll take this 7 series car then. You have one in the shop now?”

“Yes yes yes! We have one!”

The salesgirl looked at Diane with great envy.

Diane had found such a wonderful husband. Was there anything even better than this in her life?

He didn’t just pamper her, he pampered her parents too!

“Mr. Hunt, Miss Palmer, please take a seat and have some drinks. I’ll process the sale for you right now.”

She took the black card from Ethan’s hands again and was surprised to find that the number on this card was a little different from the previous one.

This…this Mr. Hunt had two black cards?!

The salesgirl turned her back to them and pinched the top of her lips hard. She was afraid that she might suddenly faint and embarrass herself.

“Ethan, it’s still too expensive. My mum is definitely going to nag at you when we get home.”

It was more than 2 million dollars!

Diane didn’t even dare to think about it.

“It’s my first present to Dad after recovering, Mum won’t be angry,” Ethan smiled in reply.

April knew Ethan was rich. Never mind a 2 million dollar car – Ethan wouldn’t blink even if it cost him 20 million.

Instead he was thinking about getting a personal driver for William who could drive and ensure William’s safety at the same time.

Ethan turned to Brother Geoff, who was looking at him like Ethan was his god.

“Big Boss!” Brother Geoff quickly responded respectfully.

“Pick a good one from the thirty to be my dad’s driver and bodyguard,” instructed Ethan.

“Got it!” Brother Geoff immediately responded.

This job was as good as Ethan’s personal arrangement. Those fellows would probably fight tooth and nail just to get this role.

“Also, tell them to work hard. As long as they improve sufficiently, I’ll give them a car each.”

This second statement from Ethan made Brother Geoff freeze for a moment, then suddenly feel blood rush to his head.

“A car each?”

Ethan pointed at the car that had just been repaired that was not far from them. “Like that one. Not good enough?”

“How could that be!” Brother Geoff excitedly exclaimed. “This bunch is gonna be so excited that they’ll keep training without sleeping!”

The transaction was completed in no time.

Ethan didn’t drive the car off that very day and got the salesgirl to register the license plate and all first. After all, it would take some time before William fully recovered.

But he took that freshly repaired car and gave it to Brother Geoff as his first reward.

Brother Geoff excitedly drove it to the countryside training facility to show off. Ethan drove his own car and brought Diane home.

At the countryside training facility.

When nothing was happening, all of them would come here to keep training.

It was one thing to get through the entire course, but it was another thing to improve their timing. Even if they could improve their timing by one second, it was already a huge improvement.

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