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Chapter 128

“I told you not to be in such a hurry. Why are you in such a hurry? You’ll get well sooner or later,” April chided him.

“I want to get well sooner, otherwise it’s so tiring for Diane to handle such a large company all by herself,” William smiled as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

He was already very happy that he could start walking.

“I said before that I’m going to repay everything I owe you and Diane!”

“Who told you to do that?” April looked at him strangely. “You don’t owe us anything!”

William grabbed April’s hand and continued saying mushy things.

Outside the physiotherapy room.

Diane was teary eyed. She was both crying and laughing at the same time.

“Not going in?” asked Ethan.

“I’m not going to disrupt their lovey dovey talk.” Diane glanced at Ethan. “I’m afraid it’s too mushy for me and I’ll get goosebumps.”

Ethan couldn’t help but laugh. He told himself that he had to learn from his father-in-law. Saying such things was an art in itself after all.

“Let’s go then.” Ethan took Diane’s hand and they left.

Brother Geoff was already waiting at the door. The moment he saw Ethan walk out, he quickly opened the car door.

After Ethan and Diane got in, Brother Geoff carefully closed the door and got into the driver’s seat.

“Big Boss, where to?”

“The BMW shop,” replied Ethan.

The car started moving.

“Why are we going there again?” Diane had to ask.

She still remembered that time when Ethan had first gone there and bought two cars, spending a million dollars in total!

In fact, one went for repairs and it was still there.

“Of course we’re going there to buy a car,” replied Ethan casually.

Diane then recalled that Ethan had promised to buy a car for William once his legs recovered. After all, he was the chairman of Palmer Group and he should have his own car.

She wanted to tell Ethan not to spend unnecessarily but she didn’t know how to tell him. Ethan wasn’t going to listen to her anyway.

When they reached the BMW shop, that young salesgirl spotted Ethan’s car license plate from afar and quickly came running out.

“Mr. Hunt, Miss Palmer!”

The salesgirl was full of smiles. “Are you here to collect the car? It’s all fixed up and looks as good as new!”

She had put in a lot of effort into making sure Ethan’s car was repaired well and practically watched the car techs everyday.

“Oh never mind that car first. I need to buy a new one today,” replied Ethan.


The salesgirl was stunned.

Another car?

She started getting excited. Did all wealthy people buy cars like buying vegetables?

Or was it that his current car’s ashtray was full? Or ran out of fuel?

“Don’t you have any cars?” Ethan asked when he saw that she was in a daze.

“We have cars! We have cars!” The salesgirl quickly nodded. “Do you still want something from the 5 series?”

“No, it’s too low end. Do you have something more high end?”

Ethan shook his head. Since it was for William, it couldn’t be too low end. “If the price is too low then forget about introducing it.”

The salesgirl gasped.

Diane gasped too.

Brother Geoff felt his butt tense up.

Big Boss was too damned generous with his money!

He suddenly had two goals in life.

One, to fight as powerfully as Big Boss!

Two, to be able to show off like Big Boss!

“Sure!” The salesgirl’s voice trembled a little. “The latest 7 series model, M760Li, a high performance luxury car!”

“How much is it?”

Diane and Brother Geoff asked this question at the same time. After hearing the words ‘high performance luxury car’, they figured the price was definitely high.

“The car itself is 2.42 million.”

The salesgirl had already said that it was a luxury car. She suddenly felt that if she tried to introduce a cheaper car model, that would be an insult to Ethan.

She didn’t even talk about discounts.

When she heard this price, Diane was stunned speechless.

Brother Geoff just stopped breathing and stared at Ethan.

It wasn’t just the two of them. All the other shocked and jealous salespersons were now staring straight at Ethan.

“Anything more expensive?” Ethan asked as he frowned slightly.

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