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Chapter 127

All these years, Master Rane really didn’t ask about anything. He never asked about anything that happened in Fairbanks’s illegal circle.

But Wesley Allen and the rest knew that all of Fairbanks still had to listen to Master Rane.

Even if the bosses had disagreements among each other, they would still ask Master Rane to mediate between them, and they would do whatever Master Rane told them they should do.

As long as Master Rane was still alive, then he was still the real king of Riverport state’s illegal circle!

“Masquerade Club is still in operation and Master Rane’s top killer is still around. So Master Rane still calls the shots in Fairbanks.” Wesley Allen looked at all of them coldly. “All of you had better make sure you keep your eyes peeled, don’t offend Master Rane by accident, otherwise we’re all dead!”

Gus Thompson and the rest felt a chill down their spines and nodded.

The two words ‘Master Rane’ were like a huge mountain weighing down on everyone in Fairbanks’s illegal circle for the last twenty odd years.

Especially that highly skilled fighter by his side, dubbed the Grim Reaper. That was a pressure that made everyone unable to lift their heads.

In front of that Grim Reaper, even someone as vicious as Nicolas was a joke. He would die even after one move!

The air in the room was very solemn and was extremely tense.

Nicolas and Gus didn’t say anything.

Fairbanks had Master Rane, the terrifying huge mountain that had ruled over them for more than twenty years. There was no way they could fight against him, so they could only dream of Master Rane slowly growing old and quietly giving up this position.

But now Greencliff seemed to be quietly rising. This fatty piece of meat didn’t have any owner right now!

“Tell you what, we won’t make any move yet.” Wesley Allen took a while to think. “But keep a close eye on things. Both Master Rane’s side and Greencliff. Once anything moves, tell me immediately.”

“Got it!” everyone replied in unison.

Everyone in Fairbanks worked well together because everyone was very intelligent.

If Master Rane didn’t make any move, then none of them would move.

Especially since Ray Lewis disappeared overnight. This was too severe a blow to everyone.

Ray Lewis was someone who had backing from the north, but he had actually quietly just disappeared like that. Just hearing about it made one’s hair stand on end.

Fairbanks didn’t move, and neither did the cities around Greencliff. All those people who originally had their eye on Greencliff had no choice but to shrink back.

Greencliff was all quiet for now.

But Ethan knew very well that many people were eyeing Greencliff right now.

None of them dared to rush in, but they were all waiting for a chance.

A chance?

That would depend on Ethan’s mood, and when he would give them this chance.

For the time being, Ethan wasn’t free.

All his thoughts were on Diane now.

It was a good time to let Palmer Group rise up during this time of peace and quiet. The company could get off to a good start and develop itself further.

That way, his wife would have more confidence and won’t say that she wasn’t worthy of him.

William was recuperating well and could try walking already.

“Slowly, go slow! Don’t be in such a hurry!” April stood on one side, both nervous and excited at the same time.

She watched as William flailed his arms about to maintain his balance. It was tough on him and his face was all red, but he continued to persevere on and clenched his teeth as he took each step.

She knew how much William longed to walk again.

“One step, two steps!”

William always walked just 15 feet at one time. This 15 feet was easy to an ordinary person, but this was William’s target right now.

He took one step at a time, clenching his teeth and persevering, enduring the pain, and finally reached the end point.

April quickly rushed over to help him sit down. Her tears were already streaming down her face.

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