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Chapter 126

“Tha…thank you.”

It took a long time before Diane managed to squeeze just these two words out.

“You’re welcome.”

Ethan hadn’t thought about it so much. He was satisfied that Diane was happy.

“Alright then, finish up whatever you’re doing then we can go home.”

Ethan then sat on the sofa and didn’t disturb Diane, as if nothing had happened.

But how was Diane supposed to concentrate on her work? Her heart was already in a mess.

After a short while, Diane got up.

“Ethan, let’s go home.”

Outside her office, a whole bunch of them were eating supper together and they watched as Diane held the flowers and walked out with a blushing face. The way they looked enviously at her made her feel even more embarrassed.

“If everyone is done with work, go home earlier and have a good rest,” said Ethan. “Work is important, but so is rest. If you have to work overtime next time, tell Golden Jade Restaurant to prepare some supper. Ashley, you make the arrangements.”

“Got it, Brother Ethan!” Ashley quickly replied.

Ethan left with Diane, and the envious chatter behind them never stopped.

After they got home, Diane carefully put the flowers into a vase and sprayed some water on as her eyes shone.

Ethan had finished bathing and he saw that Diane was still staring at the flowers. He couldn’t help but say, “You like them? I’ll give you flowers everyday then.”

“No, don’t,” Diane shook her head. “It’s enough, once is enough. Thank you, Ethan. This is the first time I’ve received flowers.”

She then ran off in a panic.

It was late at night.

Ethan was lying on the floor, while Diane’s large eyes seemed even brighter in the darkness, and she didn’t look sleepy at all.



“Is it cold sleeping on the floor?”

Ethan froze. What did she mean by that?

Was she asking him to sleep on the bed? He didn’t think Diane meant that. It didn’t seem possible for her to accept him that quickly.

“It’s ok, my body is in good shape so I don’t feel cold.”

Diane clenched her teeth. If the lights were on, Ethan would have been able to see that her face was entirely red and the redness had reached even her neck.

“Stupid!” Diane spat out one word, flipped over, wrapped herself in the blanket and didn’t say anymore.

Ethan felt like strangling himself. He had missed a good chance just like that!

April and William weren’t home, while Diane seemed to be taking the initiative…

“It seems like…it is a little cold…” Ethan coughed as he said this.

“There’s a woolen throw in the cupboard, get it yourself!”

Then she didn’t speak anymore. The night went on in silence.

Early the next morning. There was an earthquake in all of Riverport’s illegal circles.

Somewhere in Fairbanks.

“Oakfield’s Ray Lewis is gone! Gone in one night!”

“Who did it?”

“I don’t know, but I heard that it has something to do with Greencliff. Ray Lewis had his eyes on some assets in Greencliff and perished.”

Then the entire room fell into silence.

After a long time, Nicolas, lying on the bed, spoke up. “It must be them, Tom Foster and gang. Boss, we’d better not do anything first. We should find out more first.”

“Ray Lewis’s backer in the north has also disappeared. We can’t touch Greencliff for the time being.”

Nobody in the room said anything. All of them had grim expressions.

“What about Master Rane’s side? Any reaction?” After a long time, that grim faced middle aged man looked up, scanned the room and coldly asked this question.

There was a powerful person who had suddenly appeared in Greencliff, tidying up all of Greencliff’s illegal circle and had now eliminated Ray Lewis overnight. This was no small matter.

If this was a rivalry between powerful forces, then they could forget about fighting.

This fatty piece of meat called Greencliff would have nothing to do with them anymore.

“No reaction,” Gus Thompson replied with a stern expression. “Master Rane said ten years ago that he will not interfere…”

“Humph, he doesn’t interfere, but the illegal circles of Riverport all listen to him! He doesn’t interfere so that none of the trouble reaches him. But he won’t give up any of the benefits for sure!”

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