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Chapter 125

Night time in the city wasn’t much quieter than day time.

But the streetlamps at the end of the street always made one feel at peace.

At the Palmer Group headquarters.

Diane was still working. The documents on her desk were piled very high, and they were going to bury her soon.

The company had just gotten off to a start and William was still recuperating. So everything fell on Diane, no matter whether they were big matters or small matters.

“Brother Ethan!”

“Brother Ethan is here!”

There were a few employees working overtime in the office. When they saw Ethan walk in, they all greeted him quietly.

They all knew that Ethan had married into Diane’s family, but nobody dared to look down on him.

That was because they had all seen their ex-boss, Tom Foster, respectfully call Ethan ‘Big Boss’.

They had also witnessed how Ethan slapped Archie and Joe out of the company.

Ethan was capable and pampered his wife, so many men were envious, while many women were jealous.

“All working overtime? You guys must be hungry,” Ethan smiled and turned to the secretary. “Call Golden Jade Restaurant and tell them to make some snacks for you guys. Tell them I said so.”

“Got it, Brother Ethan!”

The secretary was extremely excited.

Golden Jade Restaurant!

Of course they knew that restaurant belonged to their ex-boss. And of course they knew that Ethan was the new boss now.

Normally they couldn’t bear to eat something so expensive, but since Ethan was treating them today, they suddenly felt more energized to work harder.

Ethan nodded and walked into Diane’s office.

“Brother Ethan is so handsome, so nice, so charismatic and really capable of pampering his wife. I’m so envious of CEO Palmer.”

“Did you see the flowers in Brother Ethan’s hands? If he gave them to me, I’ll have babies with him right now!”

“Stop dreaming, Brother Ethan already has CEO Palmer, why would he care about you? Quickly make an order, I want that golden pudding thing…”

In the office.

Diane heard footsteps but didn’t even look up.

“Ashley, put the financial report on one side. I don’t have time to look at it now, so I’ll approve it tomorrow.”

She was still writing something. “I have to think about the details for all these projects.”

After she didn’t hear her secretary, Ashley, respond for a long time, Diane finally sensed something wasn’t quite right and looked up.

The first thing she saw was a bouquet of fresh roses and she could still smell a faint fragrance from it.

This was something that would make any woman suddenly feel like her heart was beating quicker than usual!


“Wife, for you.” Ethan held the flowers out with both hands. “Do you like them?”

Diane was stunned and didn’t know how to react.

She suddenly stood up and her face was all red when she realized that there were a number of employees who were still around and Ethan must have just carried the flowers in like that.

Didn’t that mean everybody saw the flowers?!

“These flowers…”

“Roses from Oakfield are really pretty after all. I went to Oakfield to buy these.”

Diane felt her heart pounding faster.

No wonder she didn’t see Ethan all afternoon. He had gone to Oakfield to buy flowers for her?

Could he not…pamper her so much?

“Ethan, you purposely went to buy them for me?”

“If not? Is there anyone else in this world worth buying flowers for?” Ethan placed the flowers in Diane’s hands. “Do you like them?”

Diane nodded.

She hugged the flowers and pursed her lips together. There was a red flush on her face and there was a shyness beneath her blushing.

She could really feel how wonderful Ethan was to her.

But this was the first time Ethan gave her flowers.

For a long time, Diane didn’t say anything. She just looked down at the flowers and didn’t even dare to look up at Ethan. She didn’t know what she should say.

Should she thank him?

Or reward him?

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