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Chapter 124

“Don’t be anxious!” Ray Lewis comforted her while staring at Ethan with a look that wanted to kill him.

But he also knew very well that since Ethan knew where he hid this woman and could even quietly put a bullet on the bedroom window, then Ethan had come fully prepared today!

“What do you want?” Ray Lewis asked very coldly.

“I said I was here to talk business. The contract is on the floor, pick it up yourself. After you sign it I’ll leave.”

Ethan glanced at the time. “I don’t have much time. You have three minutes to sign it.”

“You also have three minutes.”

Ray Lewis took a deep breath. He knew what Ethan meant.

If he didn’t sign this, then that woman and the child would definitely die!

Three minutes!

He only had three minutes!

“You’re really vicious!”

Ethan ignored him and smiled faintly. “Two more minutes.”

Ethan then got up and said, “The signal here isn’t too good and phone calls can’t get through. Perhaps I’ll have to walk outside for it to get through.”

Ray Lewis clenched his teeth. He wanted to kill Ethan right now!

But he didn’t dare to and now he didn’t have the chance at all.

Two minutes!

Less than two minutes!

He didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. He picked up the contract and signed the last page and added his thumbprint without even looking at the contents.

Then he threw it onto the desk.

“Are you satisfied?”

Tom Foster walked over to check the contract. After making sure it was good to go, he nodded.

“I’m fairly satisfied,” replied Ethan. He then turned and left without dilly dallying at all.

Tom Foster, Brother Geoff and the rest immediately followed after him.

Ray Lewis coldly watched Ethan leave and he really wanted to kill him. Ethan had deeply offended him and Ray Lewis was determined to settle this feud sooner or later. If he didn’t kill Ethan off, then Ray Lewis could forget about staying in this circle!


“Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, it’s alright.”

The woman on the other end of the line was still nervous. “It’s not blood.”

“What did you say?”

“It’s…it’s tomato ketchup, I got such a fright,” replied the woman in a voice that still sounded frightened.

“Don’t worry, it’s probably someone playing a prank. How’s the child? As long as you both are fine.”

Ray Lewis didn’t dare to let his guard down. He had lost in an attack, and he had lost in his own territory.

Ethan had pushed him into a corner on Ray Lewis’s own territory and took back all of the old Palmer Group that Ray Lewis had just grabbed. And Ray Lewis was only paid one dollar for the entire thing!

This was robbing him!

Ethan had caught hold of his weakness and he had no chance to reject him.

After hanging up, Ray Lewis’s expression had completely clouded over.

“Ethan!” he smiled coldly. “I’m going to kill you, and I’m going to kill your entire family!”

Ray Lewis was still quite careful and didn’t make his move immediately. He called the north first to check on that Hunt family in the north and asked if there was an Ethan in the family. When the answer was no, Ray Lewis couldn’t hide the murderous look on his face anymore.

He didn’t even want to wait one night to settle this feud!

From the time they left Oakfield, Ethan’s expression didn’t change at all.

It was just a small gesture, so it didn’t count as much to him.

“Big Boss, apparently there’s someone from the north backing this Ray Lewis. Even that person in Fairbanks who has dominated most of Riverport hasn’t touched Ray Lewis at all.”

This was information that Tom Foster had on hand, so naturally he had to tell Ethan.

Ethan calmly replied, “What is the north to me? Well, just nice, I wanted to loosen the soil in the north too.”

Tom Foster gulped when he heard this.

That statement alone could scare him half to death.

He wondered if his Big Boss ever thought about whether his subordinates could take this sort of mental stress or not.

“This Ray Lewis might kill his way into Greencliff, should we be prepared for that?”

Tom Foster didn’t dare to ask any further about the north. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

“You still want to wait for him to go to Greencliff?”

Ethan threw a glance at Tom Foster and Tom Foster’s face immediately reddened as he understood what Ethan meant.

“Then I’ll get Geoff to drive you back.”

“Big Boss, I want to stay!” Brother Geoff quickly cut in. He didn’t want to miss this sort of thing ever.

Every battle made his blood rush and he could feel himself improving. The road to improvement was through battles, and Ethan had found this road for them!

The more they fought, the more they realized that they weren’t strong enough. And the more they felt this way, the more they wanted to fight!

“I’ll drive myself back and pick up something for Diane.”

Ethan didn’t seem to care about Ray Lewis at all. “I heard the roses in Oakfield are famous, Diane will definitely like them.”

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