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Chapter 123

“You’re looking for these guys?”

A dozen men walked through the door. Each one of them was holding onto two of Ray Lewis’s men who had fainted and Ray Lewis felt his eyelids twitch violently.

What was going on?

He didn’t keep many men at his headquarters, but there were at least fifty or sixty of them, and they were all excellent fighters. How was it possible that they had all gone down without a single sound?

Ray Lewis’s pupils narrowed quickly.

“Can we have a good talk now?” Ethan continued to look calm.

Ray Lewis sat down but didn’t look nervous at all. He had already sent an order out for 300 men to gather. They were going to reach this place soon, so if he could stall for a bit of time, it would be hard for Ethan and his men to escape.

“I really had no idea that there was such an impressive character hiding in Greencliff. It’s little wonder that the illegal circle of Greencliff was left with only Tom Foster’s name.”

Ray Lewis lifted his head slightly. “But I don’t even know your surname.”

Ray Lewis could tell by just the surname alone whether he came from one of the families in the north or not. If he came from the north, then he could use that man’s name.

“Hunt.” replied Ethan.


There was a powerful family with this surname in the north, but they didn’t seem to have anybody so impressive of this age.

Ray Lewis felt that he got it all figured out, so he became more and more confident.

He threw the contract on the table onto the floor and shouted coldly, “Since you’re not from the north, then there’s nothing for me to worry about. I’ll give you a chance now. If you kneel down and kowtow to me to apologize, then I might let you walk out of here alive!”

If he wasn’t from the north, then Ray Lewis really didn’t care about him.

The person backing him was powerful in the north, so most people didn’t dare to offend him at all.

Even though Ray Lewis himself was only considered a dog to this person in the north, he was a dog who was helping him to earn big dollars along the coastline, so nobody dared to offend Ray Lewis either.

Even that man in Fairbanks – it had been so many years now, but did he dare to attack Ray Lewis?

Even he had to weigh the consequences of doing so first!

“Kneel down and kowtow three times, then you can keep your life,” Ray Lewis calmly said. “As for what other price you have to pay, we can talk about that later.”

His position had changed instantly. Now he was in control of everything!

Tom Foster didn’t say anything. Neither did Brother Geoff.

They hadn’t followed Ethan for a long time, but they were very sure that Ethan didn’t care about who you were, regardless of whether you were from the north or not.

Because Ethan never did anything he wasn’t confident of.

“You’d better make a call,” said Ethan directly.

Ray Lewis frowned.

“Use that phone. You know, the one that only has one number stored inside.”

Ray Lewis’s heart leapt violently when he heard this.

That phone with only one number was the number of his woman. Nobody knew about this!

“Who the hell are you?!”

Ethan ignored him. “You’d better make a call. I hope you’re in time.”

Ray Lewis’s heart felt like it was being squeezed.

He glared at Ethan but Ethan remained very calm. The ease and steadiness on Ethan’s face made Ray Lewis believe him.

He pulled his phone out and dialed immediately. After two rings, nobody picked up.

Ray Lewis’s expression darkened and he was about to question Ethan when someone picked up the phone.

“Why did you call again? I’m taking a nap with our son.”

Ray Lewis breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. He looked up at Ethan and decided in his heart that he was going to tear Ethan to pieces for sure!

“Tell her to take a look at the bedroom window,” Ethan continued.

He was still so calm. So calm that Ray Lewis obediently listened to him and spoke into the phone. “Go take a look at the bedroom window.”

“Huh? Whatever for?”

There were light footsteps heard through the phone, and the woman sounded reluctant as she said, “What’s there to see at the window? There’s noth…AHH!”

There was a scream.

Ray Lewis felt his heart was about to leap out of his mouth.

“What’s wrong?! What’s at the window?!” Ray Lewis anxiously asked.

“A bullet! A…a bullet with blood on it!”

There was terror in the woman’s voice, and she was definitely trembling right now.

If one saw a bullet with blood on the window of the bedroom, it wouldn’t be easy for an ordinary person to deal with such a shock.

The woman screamed in fright as she shouted for help and went into a panic.

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