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Chapter 122

“What’s going on?”

Ray Lewis frowned. Hadn’t he told them to gather everyone and prepare to leave for Greencliff?

“Tom Foster is here!”

Ray Lewis immediately put the glass in his hand down. “How many are with him?”

“A dozen.”

“A dozen?”

Ray Lewis thought he had heard wrongly. He had gathered three hundred!

Tom Foster had only brought a dozen men and dared to look for him in Oakfield?

Was he being too complacent, or did he think Ray Lewis didn’t dare to touch him?

Ray Lewis smiled coldly. “Where are they?”

“They’re outside. They said that they have some business to talk to you about.”

Ray Lewis immediately understood what they meant. Some business, huh? Since Tom Foster only brought such few men, then he was here to offer a truce. So this Tom Foster wasn’t stupid. He must have checked on Ray Lewis and realized who he was dealing with and wanted to admit defeat now.

But it was already too late.

Even if he wanted to negotiate, the conditions were completely different. At this point in time, Tom Foster couldn’t blame Ray Lewis for asking for a lot.

“Tell them to wait in the smaller room.” Ray Lewis decided to make them wait. “I’ll look for them once I’m done here.”

He wasn’t busy at all.

He just wanted Tom Foster to know that they were not on equal footing now. Since Tom Foster was here to offer a truce, then he ought to humble himself.

It was a good time for Tom Foster to think about how much it would cost him by doing this.

“Got it!” His men ran out to give the reply.

Ray Lewis poured himself another glass of wine and thought about what sort of conditions he should lay out.

He was definitely asking for an astronomical figure to cover Mark Cutler and the other men’s medical bills, but what he really wanted was the assets and projects under the new Palmer Group.

And he wanted Diane most!

Archie had sent a photo of Diane to Ray Lewis. He had only taken one look and confirmed that he definitely wanted this woman.

Even if he just wanted to play with her, it was probably going to be really fun.

Just when Ray Lewis was still thinking about this, someone kicked his door open.

He looked up and frowned as he angrily asked, “What’s the matter?!”

“What’s Boss Lewis so busy with?”

Tom Foster strolled into the room and smiled. “Your men said you were busy, so I was curious and came in to have a look. Oh, busy drinking wine?”

Ray Lewis got angry. “Tom Foster, are you asking to die?”

“I’m so sorry, but you know, you’re not the only busy one. My Big Boss is busy too. We’re all people who took time out to do this, so let’s not waste each other’s time.”

Tom Foster pulled the door open and respectfully stood by the side. Ethan then walked in as Ray Lewis looked at him strangely.

Ray Lewis’s eyes narrowed as he looked at this ordinary looking man.

He was surprised by what Tom Foster said. This man was Tom Foster’s Big Boss?

He had never heard about this before. When did Tom Foster have a boss?

Besides, he had never seen Ethan’s face before. He knew pretty much all the people of high standing in the illegal circles of the entire state of Riverport.

Ray Lewis really had no impression of such a young man.

His heart suddenly shuddered. Could he be from the north?

“Tom Foster, stop pretending to be mysterious now,” Ray Lewis laughed coldly. “It’s been so many years but I’ve never heard that you have a boss. You think I’m so easy to fool?”

“He didn’t lie to you,” Ethan replied to him directly. “I am his boss.”

He looked at Ray Lewis and waved a hand. Brother Geoff came up with a bag of fruits and put it on the table.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Ray Lewis was on high alert now. He started cursing in his heart. Those useless men of his didn’t even tell him that Tom Foster and gang had come in. Were they all dead or what?

“You’re returning the portion of the Palmer Group that Steven sold to you, so this is a token of appreciation for you.”

Ethan was still standing, so Brother Geoff quickly pulled a chair over and placed it behind Ethan. Ethan sat down on it immediately.

It was as if he was in his own territory and he wasn’t anxious at all.

There was disdain and viciousness on Ray Lewis’s face as he looked back at Ethan and snarled, “Are you dreaming?”

“You want to take back something that I’ve already put into my mouth? You can ask anyone in Oakfield if they’ve managed to do something like that ever!”

Not just in Oakfield. Even that man in Fairbanks didn’t dare to challenge him like this!

Ethan smiled curiously and stuck two fingers out. Brother Geoff immediately came with a cigarette and lit it for Ethan.

“I’ve brought the contract too. If there’s no problem, just sign it.”

“You’re bloody sick in the head!” Ray Lewis couldn’t stand it anymore. He cursed loudly, “You’ve actually come right here to die!”


He smiled coldly, “I was actually going to Greencliff to look for you. But since you’ve come to my doorstep, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Ray Lewis yelled a few more times but nobody answered him.

Ethan continued to sit there quietly. The cigarette in his hand gave off a faint smell of cigarette smoke.

Ray Lewis’s expression now changed.

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