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Chapter 121


There was no room for negotiation.

Diane wasn’t upset anymore.

“Ethan Huuuunnnnt!….” She dragged his name out. “I’m afraid I might really end up liking you.”

“Then that’s even better,” Ethan just spoke directly. “The whole point is to make you like me, and to make sure you fall head over heels in love with me.”

Diane’s face was all red and didn’t say anything for a long time.

Then she spoke up again.

“You said we’re going to buy back the old Palmer Group…”

“You’ll have to be the one to settle this.”


Diane couldn’t hold it in anymore. She reached out and pinched Ethan’s waist hard.

How was she supposed to settle this?

It was definitely impossible for a kindhearted person like her to try speaking reasonably to people who were downright unreasonable.

“Or my dear wife could give me an order to settle it?” said Ethan with a smile.

Diane suddenly felt she was doomed when she saw how serious he was about it.

She could tell how much William couldn’t bear for the old Palmer Group to be in the hands of someone else even though they had already cut ties with Gerald.

William’s family were all kindhearted people. There were some things in life that were not possible to remove completely.

“How are you going to settle it?”

“Wife, give the instruction first,” Ethan replied seriously.

“Then…then you can settle it.”

“Who will be settling it?”


“And who is Ethan to you?”

“My…my husband.”

Ethan was very satisfied with the way she called him.

He felt like his education was beginning to take effect.

After he sent Diane back to the office, Tom Foster was all ready downstairs.

He didn’t bring many men with him, just Brother Geoff and about ten others. The rest were in charge of ensuring William and Diane’s safety.

“Big Boss, I’ve already confirmed that Ray Lewis is now in Oakfield,” Tom Foster respectfully reported.

“Ok, we’ll go talk to them.” Ethan hopped into the car. “By the way, have you bought fruits yet?”


Tom Foster was caught off guard.

They were going to finish Ray Lewis off now, so why did they need fruits?

“He’s going to send the old Palmer Group right back to us and it’ll make my dad happy, so we should thank him.”

Tom Foster instantly understood. “I’ll arrange for it now!”

The car started heading for Oakfield.

By this time, Ray Lewis had already received the news and had hit the roof.

He smashed the tall wine glass on the table and red wine spilled everywhere.

“Tom Foster! How dare he!” Ray Lewis would not calm down. “Does he really think he’s now the boss of Greencliff’s illegal circle? He’s really too arrogant!”

“Boss Lewis, Mark Cutler and his men got beaten up and thrown out, so what do we do now?”

“What do we do now?” Ray Lewis laughed coldly. “Gather the men! Prepare to kill our way into Greencliff! Since he’s given me the reason to make my move, then we’ll take this chance to kill Tom Foster!”

He wasn’t letting this chance go since he now had a reason to attack.

As long as he could settle Tom Foster, then Ray Lewis would become the boss of Greencliff’s illegal circle. He was going to take at least half of this tasty piece of meat!

Humans were all greedy.

He hadn’t even stepped into Greencliff but he was already thinking of getting half the benefits.

Ray Lewis was a very domineering man. He had called the shots in Oakfield for many years and was living better than anyone else.

As long as he wanted to make his move, he wouldn’t do anything he wasn’t confident of.

All his assistants ran to make preparations.

Ray Lewis started calculating the time.

“I need 1.5 hours to go to Greencliff, so a round trip would be three hours. Getting rid of trash like Tom Foster would only take one hour.”

Ray Lewis laughed coldly and pulled out his phone to dial a number. “Be good and wait for me at home, I’ll look for you in the evening.”

He had a house built to hide away a woman, and this was the woman he loved the most.

Ray Lewis wasn’t normally serious about women, but there was one woman he was actually devoted to. In order to protect her, he even hid her away and didn’t even tell the men closest to him where she was hiding, so nobody knew where she was at all.

After this woman gave birth to his son, Ray Lewis became even more careful about protecting this mother and son.

It was common for people in this circle to meet with accidents. Ray Lewis wasn’t worried about himself, but he had to protect his woman and child.

“Boss Lewis!”

Suddenly his men came running in through the door and there was a strange expression on their faces.

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