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Chapter 120

“Don’t….be too arrogant!”

Mark Cutler was still indignant even though he had lost a few teeth. He continued to speak arrogantly, “Once my boss comes, all of you are doomed!”

Tom Foster laughed. He glanced at Brother Geoff, and Brother Geoff went up to pull Mark Cutler’s hair up.

One vicious slap after another was delivered. He was going to slap all the teeth out of Mark Cutler’s mouth!

“You bloody mofo, how dare you bully my Boss! Are you tired of living?!” Brother Geoff roared angrily at him. “Ray Lewis is a piece of trash for coveting my Big Boss’ woman! I’m going to screw him to pieces!”

Mark Cutler and the rest were shuddering. They hadn’t expected Tom Foster’s men to be so ferocious.

There were a few men behind Tom Foster who were fighting for a chance to hit them even.

Were they all nutcases?


“Help! Spare me!”

Mark Cutler finally admitted defeat.

His entire face was bloodied and his words were garbled. He wasn’t left with a single tooth and felt like this was worse than dying.

“Tell me, what does Ray Lewis want to do,” asked Tom Foster. “Tell me everything you know and I’ll consider letting you off. Otherwise…humph!”


Ethan drove Diane to the hospital to visit William.

After a period of physiotherapy, William felt much better. His legs were beginning to feel something now.

“How’s the company?”

He was more worried about how Palmer Group was doing.

Diane opened her mouth and was about to say that they had run into some trouble recently.

But before she could say anything, Ethan spoke up first. “Everything’s ok. After you’re discharged, we’ll have to start expanding the business.”

Diane looked in surprise at Ethan.

She tried to use her eyes to tell him to stop spouting nonsense.

How could they expand any further? He shouldn’t lie to her father.

“Diane is handling all the operations, and she has plans to buy back all of the old Palmer Group.”

Diane nearly fell when she heard the back half of what Ethan said.

“Buy back?” William’s heart moved slightly.

She was going to buy back Palmer Group from Steven?

How could that be possible?

In order to take over the Palmer family assets, Steven had plotted and schemed over the past decade and couldn’t wait for Gerald to get a stroke.

How was it possible for someone with such greed to give up Palmer Group?

“Dad, you don’t know about it huh. Steven has already sold Palmer Group at a low price.”

William’s body shook and his eyes teared up immediately.

Sold it?

No matter how angry he was with Gerald, that was the Palmer family’s asset and it was the place where he worked hard at when he was younger.

Palmer Group held a lot of memories for him.

But this bastard Steven actually sold Palmer Group away?

“Dad, don’t be angry. There’s nothing that Steven and his son won’t do, so there’s nothing to be surprised about anymore,” Diane quickly consoled him. She knew what William was thinking about. “It’s true that it’s infuriating that Steven had just sold the efforts of two generations of Palmers.”

William waved his hands.

“Diane, it’s good enough to just do your best in this matter. Our family is our family, and their family is their own business. It’ll be great if we can take it back, but if we can’t…”

William didn’t say anything, but Diane could tell that he couldn’t bear to part with it.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Diane glanced at Ethan.

What was this idiot talking about?!

April stayed in the hospital to take care of William, so Ethan had to eat at Golden Jade Restaurant during this period.

On the way there, Diane completely ignored him.

“What, still angry?” Ethan laughed. “At most, I’ll let you settle what you are able to settle. As for the things that you can’t settle…nah, that’s not possible. There’s nothing my wife can’t settle.”

“Humph,” Diane scoffed indignantly. “I know you’re nice to me, but…but don’t be too nice, ok?”

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