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Chapter 12

Tom Foster was well known for having a fiery temper. He certainly hadn’t relied on being merciful to get to where he was in five years!

He snorted and didn’t say anymore. Then he turned and left.

The aforementioned director was frozen where he was, his face red and he didn’t know what to do.

He had only said a few words of sarcasm to Diane. CEO Foster didn’t have to be this angry, right?

“CEO Palmer…”

He looked pitifully at Steven.

“Put your resignation letter on my table tomorrow.”

Steven was also helpless here. This was one of his employees, what right did Tom Foster have to fire him?

But the project had just been signed and there were still too many unknowns in this whole matter, so he didn’t dare to anger Tom Foster either.

The director felt his heart turn to ashes when he heard what Steven said.

Everyone else within earshot trembled even more violently.

So he had been fired on the spot because he had just said a few sarcastic words to Diane?

This man was a director of Palmer Group!

It was obvious from the look of it that Tom Foster was standing up for Diane, but the bigger question was, how were the two of them connected?

“What are all of you standing here for? No need to work?!”

Archie shouted and all the employees quickly went back to their work.

He walked over to Steven and frowned, “Dad, what’s going on between Diane and Tom Foster?”

They were definitely not lovers as they had initially guessed. Judging from Tom Foster’s attitude, he treated her with great respect, and there was even some fear involved.

But how could this be?

Who was Tom Foster?

He was a man who could command both the legal and illegal circles!

And even the Palmers had to be extra polite to him.

What did this one Diane do to make Tom Foster treat her so politely?

“Investigate this!”

Steven had a cold expression on his face as he shouted these words.

This sudden turn of events had completely upset his plans.

If Diane and Tom Foster were in this sort of relationship, then he really couldn’t afford to touch Diane.

“Got it!”

Archie immediately left.

Inside the office, Diane finally managed to react.

She walked to where Ethan was, both hands behind her back, as if she was inspecting a little mouse in the cage and looked seriously at Ethan.

“What is going on?”

Diane wrinkled her nose at him. “Don’t say this has nothing to do with you, I won’t believe it.”

Ethan opened his half closed eyes and said calmly, “I’ll admit it, this has something to do with me.”

She knew it!

Diane knew it – there was no other reason why Ethan was so certain that nobody else but her would be able to sign this contract.

And even more confident that Steven and son would humble themselves and beg her to come back to work.

This was obviously arranged by him.

But…he was just a homeless man, how could he have known Tom Foster?

She thought about how she saw Tom Foster standing reverently in front of Ethan when she opened the door earlier.

“I know Little Foster.”

He saw Diane staring at him, waiting for him to explain himself. Ethan laughed, “Before he struck it rich, he was homeless too. Once he was almost dying from hunger and I gave half of my bun to him, so he owes me one now.”

Today, he was here to return the favor.

Diane scoffed.

“You think I’m going to believe that?”

She bit her lips. This was beyond her imagination. This Ethan was treating her like a child by telling her this stupid story.

“Do you believe that good people will reap good rewards?” Ethan asked seriously.

Diane thought for a bit, then said, “Are you trying to say that you’re a good person?”

“No, you’re a good person.”

Ethan got up. “That’s why you will reap good rewards.”

Ethan would never forget that sweet for the rest of his life.

He had been in countless dangerous situations, sometimes on the brink of death. But that sweet wrapper he carried with him all the time gave him hope and strength.

“Alright, don’t think so much. As long as everything is settled.”

Ethan continued, “Let’s go, you’re off work.”

“What? We just got here.”

Ethan ignored her words and dragged her out of the office.

He continued to pull her all the way out of the building, and everyone they saw along the way all stood far far away, everyone afraid to go near.

Diane could feel that they seemed afraid of her.

Ethan wasn’t bothered at all.

He rode the scooter and brought Diane towards a car shop.

“This isn’t the way home, are you going to sell me of?”

Diane was seated at the back, and her voice was nearly blown away by the wind.

Given her looks, she could probably fetch quite a good price.

Ethan ignored her and stopped the scooter right in front of the BMW shop.

“Why did you come here?”

Diane looked at that blue and black logo and was taken aback. “We’re not buying a car.”

She didn’t have the money to buy a car.

“Who says we’re not buying?”

Ethan dragged her right into the store.

Diane was instantly attracted to all the new models that were on display the moment they walked through the door.

They were so pretty!

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t thought about buying a car, especially in this unbearably cold weather. But she could only look at either a Cherry QQ or a Jetta, and even so, she still worried about whether she could afford such a car.

Now Ethan had brought her to a BMW shop and she didn’t even dare to touch the cars!

The sales assistants saw Ethan and Diane from afar, but after scanning them, they didn’t even move from their seats.

“Miss, are you interested in buying a car?”

A newbie salesgirl saw that nobody had bothered with these customers, so she went over to attend to them.

The other sales assistants secretly laughed at how this greenhorn was so poor at judging people and gently shook their heads. A look of disdain flashed across their poker faces.

They were excellent at observing people. One look at Diane’s expression and they knew that these two had no money.

Those with money looked way more confident.

So they couldn’t be bothered to attend to the two who walked in. Besides a newbie, who else would be this driven and waste time on people who would only look and not buy?

“Of course.”

Diane was embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer the salesgirl, so Ethan spoke on her behalf. “If we’re not buying a car, then why should we come here?”

Then he looked at Diane, “Which one do you like?”


Diane looked at Ethan and wondered if his mental illness was acting up again.

What did he mean by which one did she like?

She liked all of them, but really couldn’t afford it.

“Ethan, let’s go back.”

Diane started to go red in the face, especially when she could hear some laughter among the sales assistants from afar, and she started feeling very uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you recommend one for her?”

Ethan didn’t bother with Diane and asked the salesgirl.

“This is the 5 series, the latest model this year. The horsepower specifications are all sufficient for her needs. Also, I feel that her demeanor is very compatible with this model.”

The salesgirl was obviously new, and didn’t use a lot of sales talk.

Ethan turned to look at Diane and saw that her gaze had fallen on this model, so he nodded.

“We’re taking it then.”


This response was from both Diane and the salesgirl at the same time.

The other sales assistants in the shop also turned around. What was going on?

They had only come in for less than five minutes and they wanted to buy a car? He must be joking.

He wasn’t going to ask about the price? Or a test drive? Surely he had to weigh the consequences of showing off in front of a girl, right?

“Sir, because this is a new model, we don’t have any discounts for it at the moment,” the sales girl kindly hinted.

“No problem.”

Ethan pulled out a debit card from his pocket. “The special code is 666666, help me to settle the number plate and all, settle everything in one bill.”

The salesgirl took a while to snap back to reality. Then she took the card with both hands and excitedly ran to process the transaction.

“Ethan, stop it. This car is very expensive, you don’t have this sort of money.”

Diane started getting worried.

He was just a homeless man and it wasn’t too bad that he’d survived this long. Where would he find the money to buy such an expensive car?

This car, all in all, would cost nearly $500,000 right?

This guy’s illness must be acting up again. Either he beats someone up or does some other crazy thing, and now he must be deluded!

Diane anxiously looked over at where the salesgirl had run off to. If the card got rejected, that would really be terribly embarrassing!

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