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Chapter 119

“Who are you?!” Mark Cutler was on high alert now.

His men had been beaten just like that?

Ethan didn’t respond and started walking towards Mark Cutler.

Mark Cutler immediately stood up and got into a defense position, and his expression also became vicious.

“You’re asking to die!” he roared.

“The one asking to die is you!”

How dare he bully Diane!

Ethan exuded a furious air around him.

Doing anything to Diane was as good as ruffling Ethan’s feathers. Nobody was allowed to bully her, not even the slightest bit!

Mark Cutler made the first move but collapsed anyway. There was a crack of his arm as Ethan broke his bones with his bare hands.

“AHH!!!” There was a blood curdling scream.

Ethan didn’t hold back or even say anything as he broke Mark Cutler’s other arm with one foot.

“Diane doesn’t like people to smoke in front of her.”

That other hand was the hand Mark Cutler used to smoke.

Even Ethan didn’t smoke in front of Diane, so Mark Cutler had no right to.

In just a blink of an eye, the few people in the office had collapsed onto the floor and couldn’t move anymore.

Ethan then sat on the sofa and looked down at these ants in front of him. “Now we can talk. If you don’t know how to, I can teach you step by step.”

Mark Cutler was covered in cold sweat and he was in tremendous pain.

He stared straight at Ethan. He hadn’t expected Palmer Group to have such a powerful fellow.

“Who on earth are you? Since you dared to break my arms, Boss Lewis is going to kill you!”

“Ray Lewis from Oakfield. Rumor has it that he controls both sides of the law and is an unreasonable, domineering and bold man,” Ethan replied him directly. “So all of you think that now that there’s no boss in Greencliff’s illegal circle, you guys can come in and take a share of this pie?”

Mark Cutler was stunned. Ethan actually knew who Ray Lewis was.

“So what if that’s the case? My boss wants this factory! My boss wants that woman too! I’m going to have fun with her too!”

Ethan stepped forward and slapped a few teeth out of Mark Cutler’s mouth.

Mark Cutler’s mouth was instantly filled with blood.

“I wanted to give you a chance to say your last words, but it doesn’t seem necessary anymore.”

Ethan got up and left, leaving Mark Cutler and his men howling on the floor.

Diane was standing outside and was a little worried.

She wondered if he would be alright by himself inside the office.

“Boss Diane, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Big Boss,” Tom Foster consoled her. “These people don’t know what’s good for them at all. Since they dared to bully you, we won’t let them off!”

Ethan came out soon after and Diane immediately walked over.

“Ethan, have you settled this matter?”

“All settled,” Ethan nodded. “Just some pieces of trash that needs cleaning up, that’s all.”

He then turned to look at Tom Foster. “I’ve tidied up the place, just throw the trash away.”

“Got it!”

Tom Foster waved a hand and some men behind him immediately walked into the office.


Ethan dragged Diane into the car. “Why are you still so stubborn?”

Why did she have to insist on solving the problem all by herself?

Diane didn’t say anything.

“If anything happens to you, I’d go crazy.”

He didn’t tell her that if anything happened to her, then the entire state of Riverport was going to suffer an earthquake from his wrath.

Diane became even more upset.

“I can’t always rely on you.”

She bit her lips. “What am I going to do now? I feel like I’m even more useless than before and I’m really not worthy of you…”

Ethan glared at her. “Are you regretting it again? No way.”

He didn’t say anymore and just drove off with Diane.

In the supervisor’s office, there were endless screams of pain.

The door was shut fast, and Mark Cutler despaired at how soundproof the place was.

Tom Foster sat there and looked coldly at them.

“Getting really bold huh? Don’t you know where you are? How dare you come here and make trouble!”

“Does Ray Lewis think that he can take a piece of Greencliff?”

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