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Chapter 118

Diane started getting angry.

“You’re being unreasonable!”

“Hahaha, I am unreasonable alright!”

Mark Cutler wasn’t angry at all, and got excited instead.

When it came to this pure type of woman like Diane, he had an even stronger desire to conquer her.

To men, after they had seen too many women who were well experienced in life, this pure and fresh Diane was simply too attractive!

He even wondered if he could play with her after Ray Lewis got tired of her.

“I said earlier that we’re taking over this factory.” Mark Cutler didn’t care to be polite at all. “I don’t care about this problem of ownership. Steven sold this factory to us and he’s already taken the money. So we have a stake in this factory. As for how much share we have in this factory, we can talk about it later.”

He ignored Diane’s furious expression, “Otherwise we could bring this case to court, but then the factory will have to suspend operations, and you can start thinking about how you’re going to account to those clients of yours.”

This man was being totally unreasonable!

Diane clenched her teeth. She was really furious now.

This was squeezing Palmer Group by the neck to force them to comply!

Steven probably thought of this already. He was so despicable!

“CEO Palmer, you don’t have to be troubled over this. Actually I have another solution.”

Mark Cutler flicked his cigarette ash when he saw how Diane was so angry and suddenly laughed naughtily, “As long as you go with our boss, Boss Lewis, then this factory is still yours, plus you’d be Lady Boss. How’s that?”

“Shameless!” Diane yelled.

She had never seen someone so unreasonable.

It was obvious that there was no room for negotiation. This man had come here to disgust her.

“All of you are scoundrels!” Diane continued shouting at him, “This factory belongs to my company so you can forget about taking it from me! If you want to fight in court, go ahead!”

This was the first time she was so insistent.

She then turned to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

Mark Cutler’s expression fell. With a shout, two men immediately blocked Diane’s way.

“CEO Palmer, you even dare to threaten me now? Why don’t you go ask around if our boss has ever failed to get what he wanted?” He scoffed coldly, “Since you’re here, then you can forget about leaving until we get everything clearly sorted out!”

Diane’s heart started to tremble.

What did these people want?

“Security!” Diane immediately shouted.

“HAHAHA security? Your security guards are as good as trash! There’s no point even if more of them come!” Mark Cutler laughed disdainfully. “I’ll kill every one of them off!”

Suddenly a figure flashed past like lightning.

He reached Diane in an instant and gave two punches.

The two men blocking Diane flew out like cannonballs, crashing hard against the walls and puked fresh blood.

Mark Cutler’s expression immediately changed.


Diane felt like she was going to cry.

She wanted to settle this problem herself, but she couldn’t do it all by herself.

“They…they bullied me!” Diane pouted and pointed at Mark Cutler.

Ethan quickly pulled Diane behind him and patted her back. “No need to be scared, I’m here, so don’t be scared.”

Diane was still upset.

“I’m sorry, I’m too useless. I wanted to settle it myself and not trouble you, but…”

Ethan shook his head and put his finger on her lips to stop her from carrying on. “Silly girl, you’re meant for doing big things. How could I let you do lowly things like cleaning up this sort of trash?”

“Be good, wait for me outside.”

With that, Ethan’s expression instantly changed as he turned to glare at Mark Cutler. He looked like he was glaring at a prey that must die!

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