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Chapter 117

There was no issue with who owned the factory at all. The other party definitely knew this but wanted to be unreasonable and raise some other conditions.

In any case, Diane wanted to know what motive they had.

Diane decided to settle it herself.

Soon enough, Diane left the head office for the factory.

Ethan couldn’t help but shake his head as he sat in the security department office.

“CEO Palmer didn’t want me to tell you, she said she’ll find a way to settle it herself.” The secretary had come downstairs to report to Ethan and looked a little uneasy. “Mr. Hunt, please don’t tell CEO Palmer that I told you about this.”

Ethan nodded. “Got it. Don’t worry.”

He got up and gave Tom Foster a call.

“There’s work to do. Someone from Oakfield is here. After half a month, they’ve finally come.”

He sounded like he couldn’t wait.

He drove by himself towards the factory as well.

At the factory supervisor’s office.

Mr. Roger’s hands and legs were bound to a chair, and he was struggling with all his might even with a cloth stuffed in his mouth he was making a lot of noise.

“Shut up! If you keep making noise, I’ll cut your tongue off!”

The leader of the pack was called Mark Cutler. He glared fiercely at Mr. Roger. “I’m waiting for CEO Palmer to come and talk to me directly.”

Of course he knew that there were no issues with the ownership of this factory. Ray Lewis knew what Steven wanted, but Ray Lewis wanted this factory.

Even if he couldn’t own all of it, he wanted some.

That was their motive for coming here.

Diane reached in no time and entered the factory.

Mr. Roger’s secretary was about to cry.

“CEO Palmer! They’re in the supervisor’s office!” He quickly asked, “Should we call the police?”

“Not yet.” Diane shook her head. “I’ll go in to have a look first.”

She wanted the security guards to stand guard outside, but when she saw how their faces were all swollen from being beaten up earlier, Diane felt a little helpless.

“CEO Palmer, these people are terribly unreasonable, you have to be careful!”

Diane nodded and knocked before opening the door. The moment she saw Mr. Roger tied to the chair, her expression instantly fell.

“What are you doing!” she yelled angrily. “Let him go now!”

“You’re Diane?”

Mark Cutler looked Diane up and down, and the way he looked at her made her feel disgusted.

“What do you want? I’m here to talk to you.” Diane had a steely gaze. “Let him go first.”

Mark Cutler waved his hand and his men released Mr. Roger.

He laughed in a sinister way at Diane. Since she was already here, then she had to admit defeat. If they didn’t get the factory, they could forget about letting it continue operations. They would lose both the project and their reputation, and it wasn’t a loss that the Palmer Group could afford at this point.

“Come to talk to me, eh?”

Mark Cutler sat down on the supervisor’s office chair, crossed his legs and said disdainfully, “CEO Palmer, you know how to? Or you need me to teach you step by step?”

There was a lecherous playfulness on Mark Cutler’s face.

No matter whether you were talking about her looks or her figure, Diane definitely ranked as one of the best. Mark Cutler had seen many women in his life, but this innocent type of woman made his eyes light up.

On top of that, Ray Lewis had already told him that he wanted this Diane.

Diane frowned when she heard this sort of words.

“Please be a little more polite.” She went straight to the point, “What do you guys want? Say it out now.”

“We’re talking now, aren’t we?” Mark Cutler grinned and lit a cigarette. “CEO Palmer, aren’t you here to talk business with me? Or you’re going to talk romance with me instead?”

He got even more excited as he spoke and pointed at the sofa next to him. “Come, have a seat and we can talk face to face. Or we can talk lying down too, HAHAHA!”

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