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Chapter 116

Mr. Roger was so angry that his face was completely red.

“You…you’re just a bunch of unreasonable people!”

“Mr. Roger!”

The secretary came running in with the security guards.

“Ask them to leave!”

Mr. Roger didn’t care. There was no problem as to who this factory belonged to at all. These people were obviously here to create trouble.

If he fell for their trick, then the operation of the factory would really have a problem.

The security guards moved forward.

“Who dares to move first? We’re just waiting for you to make a move!”

The few men immediately got up and made their move.

Mr. Roger didn’t expect them to be such good fighters. The few security guards weren’t their match at all and collapsed after a few punches.

“Take him away! Stop the factory!”

The leader of the men used a hand to whack Mr. Roger on the neck and he fainted. “If the rest of you don’t cooperate, then forget about working here!”


The secretary didn’t dare to block the men at all, and could only watch as they took the unconscious Mr. Roger away.

He quickly made a call to the headquarters and Diane found out what happened.

She didn’t expect Steven to go as far as to sell her side of the things as well.

“This crazy man! He’s completely nuts!” Diane was furious.

The worst part was that Steven had actually sold everything to such an unreasonable party. These things didn’t belong to him, but he insisted that it was theirs. He was obviously trying to snatch these things away from her!

“CEO Palmer, we’d better call the police. There’s no point in talking to unreasonable people.”

“Their aim is to make us call the police,” Diane shook her head. “The moment we call the police, they’ll latch onto that and say that there are issues over who owns the factory. Once the legal side steps in, our factory will have to suspend operations until everything is cleared up.”

They had just signed a contract and just started production. If they suspended operations now, it wasn’t just a problem of losing money. It would also make the investors lose confidence in Palmer Group.

If a contract fell through within just a few days, then who would dare to work with Palmer Group after this?

Diane was both angry and frustrated.

Her phone suddenly rang.

Diane saw that it was from Steven. She became even more furious and her body started shaking.

“What do you want?!” she demanded the moment she picked up the call.

“Hoho, whatever I can’t get, you can forget about having too.”

Steven sounded smug but also somewhat hysterical. “I’ve sold off everything in Palmer Group and I’m taking the money elsewhere to start over. But you guys?”

He knew Ray Lewis very well. He was a greedy man with many tricks up his sleeves. He had made a lot of trouble in Oakfield, so it was a simple thing for him to take Diane’s things away.

He understood Diane’s family even better. They were people who would fight to the very end in protest, and that end was nothing but death and destruction!

“Listen to your uncle and give up. You can’t fight that person. If you give up now, then at least you’d still walk out with your head up high. If he ends up throwing you out, then you’d be a laughingstock. HAHAHAHA!”

Steven hung up.

It was all quiet in the office.

The other directors were equally furious.

Steven was so despicable!

“CEO Palmer, what are we going to do now?”

Diane took a deep breath. She thought about Ethan. If she told Ethan about this, he would definitely be able to resolve this matter.

But didn’t that mean she was too useless?

She couldn’t get anything done and needed Ethan all the time. What right did she have to ask so much of Ethan?

“Let me think.” Diane asked, “Where are they from?”

“I heard that they’re from Oakfield. They’re very powerful over there, and they’re the type that controls both sides of the law,” replied a director with a rather upset face.

Running into this sort of person was the worst when it came to doing business. The type that wasn’t the least embarrassed about snatching things away from others.

But this was Greencliff!

Not Oakfield!

Diane knew that Steven did this on purpose. He had found the new Palmer Group a strong enemy, and it was an enemy she stood no chance against.

If she tried to go against him, then she would surely perish.

Her entire family would meet with an equally terrible end.

But was she going to watch herself give away the things she owned?

“I’ll go and negotiate with them!” Diane took a deep breath. “Get the car ready.”

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