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Chapter 115

The 80 million reached Steven’s hands quickly. Everything to do with the old Palmer Group’s assets were transferred to Ray Lewis, and the entire handover process took less than a day.

Ray Lewis sent the people closest to him to settle all these things, including that long legged curvaceous woman.

As long as he could get a foot into Greencliff, then he would be the first to take a bite of this fatty piece of meat.

Before the folks from Fairbanks could have a bite, Ray Lewis was tucking in first.


William was spending his time recuperating and actively doing physiotherapy in hope of recovering as soon as possible.

Diane was wholly in charge of the new Palmer Group.

Diane had done well in the recent projects, and the new Palmer Group’s advantage had attracted even more investors.

Ethan was very amused by how serious she looked.

This silly girl seemed to be slogging her guts out to make herself more outstanding.

Only because Diane insisted that she wasn’t worthy of Ethan.

“This silly girl.”

At this moment.

The factory in the countryside was all ready to go, so it started production officially.

The person in charge, Mr. Roger, treated the factory operations like it was his own business. He was alert and on top of things all the time, and didn’t dare to let his guard down at all.

He went round to check the place several times, and he was fairly satisfied with the attitude of the workers.

“Work hard and Palmer Group won’t treat you poorly. As long as everyone works hard, you will benefit more from this place than anywhere else!”

The benefits here were at least 30% more than other factories.

William always believed that if the employees in his company didn’t feel respected, then Palmer Group was a failure.

These words had touched so many people.

“Mr. Roger, there’s a whole bunch of people outside who are saying they’re here to takeover the work.”

Mr. Roger’s secretary came running in anxiously and didn’t look too good.

“Takeover? What takeover?”

Mr. Roger was stunned. The factory had just started running, so there was nothing to takeover. And who was taking over anyway?

“They said that the factory is theirs!”

The secretary became even more anxious and his voice cracked a little.

Mr. Roger’s expression immediately changed. “I’ll go and see these people!”

He quickly ran to his office to find a few men sitting inside in a relaxed manner. It was as if this was their own place, and they even helped themselves to tea.

“Who are you people?”

Mr. Roger frowned and motioned to the secretary to call security.

“We’re here to takeover the factory.” A man with a nasty face sat where he was and took a pile of contracts out from his bag. “Steven has already sold us all of Palmer Group.”

“Including this factory.”

“That’s rubbish!” Mr. Roger roared.

What had this factory have to do with Steven?

And what did it have to do with the old Palmer Group?

“Don’t be so rude.” The man frowned. “The contract is here. The Palmer Group stamp and Steven’s stamp are all on it, so you still dare to deny this?”

“If you know what’s good for you, then cooperate with us and you can get lost. We’re taking over the management of this factory from now on.”

The few of them laughed in contempt and obviously didn’t have any regard for the nerdy looking Mr. Roger.

“Enough of this nonsense. This factory belongs to the new Palmer Group. It belongs to Chairman William and CEO Diane, so it has nothing to do with the old Palmer Group!” Mr. Roger continued to speak up boldly, “Please leave now, otherwise I’ll call the police!”

“Oh? Call the police? Go ahead.”

That man didn’t seem bothered by this at all. He scoffed, “The contract is here, so go ahead and call the police. We’re not afraid of a confrontation.”

If this became a confrontation and there were issues over who this factory belonged to, then the factory would have to suspend operations. The factory just started production and the workers were now excited to work, so if they suddenly had to stop, then the company faced more than just monetary losses.

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