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Chapter 114

“Condition?” Ray Lewis immediately frowned.

After doing business for so many years, Ray Lewis had always been the one giving the conditions. But now this Steven had conditions? Hadn’t Ray Lewis made everything very clear the last time?

He was helping Steven after all.

“Young man, you and your father don’t seem to understand the situation you’re in right now.”

Ray Lewis blew cigar smoke right into Archie’s face and he instantly started coughing.

“Your family has been hit again and again, so now your cash flow has problems and nobody knows if you can still hold onto your assets. I’m willing to take over and buy out Palmer Group, and this is on account of our friendship of many years.”

He scoffed, “And now, you still want to negotiate with me?”

Ray Lewis was also very clear on the situation in Greencliff right now.

There were countless people hoping to invest and get a piece of this cake. But Ray Lewis was even more intelligent by buying out Palmer Group. That way, he would already be within the city and would definitely have even more opportunities.

And now that Steven couldn’t hold on anymore, the price he was offering was as good as just snatching it away from Steven.

“Boss Lewis, you’re mistaken.”

Archie coughed a few times and his face was all red from coughing as he avoided Ray Lewis’s cigar smoke. “My father has only one request, and that’s to destroy my youngest uncle’s family. William’s family.”

“Boss Lewis, you might not know, but Palmer Group has split its assets and this uncle of mine has taken a portion of it. This portion is also part of Palmer Group, so since you’re buying out Palmer Group, then surely you want this portion too, right?”

These were words that Steven told Archie to say.

He was very sure that Ray Lewis wouldn’t give it up since he was such a greedy man.

As expected, Ray Lewis narrowed his eyes when he heard this.

“Your youngest uncle? That crippled piece of trash that had a car accident?” He snorted in disdain, “He could get a portion of the family assets?”

“He’s a family member of the Palmers after all, so my grandfather took some pity on him,” Archie lied.

“How much did he take?”

Ray Lewis was only concerned with this.

He wasn’t bothered by one tiny William. But if he wasn’t worth much, then Ray Lewis was too lazy to even care.

“His total worth is now more than 500 million,” replied Archie. “Besides, they’re in talks with a few investments now, and they add up to more than 2 billion.”

When he heard these figures, Ray Lewis was stunned for a second, then burst out laughing loudly.

These were projects that were supposed to be his, weren’t they?

Once he took them back, then they would be.

Then he would be able to easily stabilize his position in Greencliff and cut a nice piece off that fat and tasty meat!

“Sure, I’ll agree to this condition!”

This wasn’t really a condition at all. Ray Lewis was very intelligent and he could tell that basically this was something that Steven couldn’t have, so he would rather give it away to Ray Lewis than to let William have it.

As for how to get it back, Ray Lewis had a million and one ways.

Ray Lewis immediately agreed and turned to look at a curvaceous woman sitting on the sofa. “Get the contract.”

She stood up and her smooth and beautiful legs made Archie feel his breath quicken and he immediately turned away.

Ray Lewis laughed even harder. This little boy couldn’t even control himself over a small temptation like that.

“My cousin has equally beautiful legs,” Archie quietly remarked.

Ray Lewis understood him immediately.

Soon enough, the contract was put in front of Archie. After looking through it carefully, Archie cursed in his heart. This was as good as robbing them of the company!

But he still signed it anyway, and sealed it with the company stamp as well as Gerald’s personal stamp.

“From today onwards, Palmer Group is mine. Everything that belongs to Palmer Group is also mine.”

Ray Lewis laughed loudly. “Go back and tell your father that he really has foresight. Take the money and enjoy his retired life. It’s enough for the two of you to live without worrying about money.”

Palmer Group was worth a few hundred million and Steven had sold it for only 80 million!

This was a loss that cut through the heart!

But at this point, Steven had no other choice. If he continued to remain in Greencliff, then there was nowhere else for him to go, and he risked being toyed to death by Ethan.

It was better to take the money and find an enemy that Ethan and family had no chance against.

After all, what he couldn’t have, William could forget about having!

Neither Palmer Group could dream of remaining in Greencliff!

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