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Chapter 113

Now that Greencliff’s illegal circle had suddenly been cleared out, the biggest obstacle to the advancement of the legal activity in Greencliff was gone.

Within just a couple of weeks, there were calls for investors again and again.

Previously Bill Hale and the others always made it difficult for the investors, so nobody was willing to invest in Greencliff.

There was always someone disrupting the business or creating trouble for the companies. They had to either fight to take control or be forced to sell and buy, so who would dare to do business in Greencliff?

But now this great obstacle was gone.

Besides that, any company that wanted to set up office in Greencliff could even get the protection of the illegal circle.

Tom Foster had already sent word out that he welcomed anybody to start a business in Greencliff and he would guarantee that nobody would create any sort of trouble for them.

Tom Foster’s name was extremely powerful now.

Even though most people didn’t know the details, they knew very well that Tom Foster called the shots in Greencliff’s illegal circle now.

After that night, nobody could shift Tom Foster from that position!

The legal circle had support from the government while the illegal circle had someone keeping them in check, so this ensured that all investments and development was stable. Greencliff became a top investment choice overnight.

Besides, this city already had a unique advantage in the first place.

One side had a port facing the sea, and it was in the middle of several major transportation routes. It was like a huge mine waiting for investors to dig up.

For the same reason, many people in Fairbanks had their eye on Greencliff. People a few cities away were also eyeing this place.

With such a fat and delicious piece of meat there, even if they couldn’t have it all, they could still profit a little along the way.

Ethan wasn’t bothered by any of this.

Mayor Tyson was working hard to take care of the legal circle, while Tom Foster handled everything to do with the illegal circle.

He couldn’t be bothered unless they couldn’t resolve something.

Ethan now had one small goal. That was to get Diane to accept him.

From the looks of it, the situation was looking pretty good now.

“Mum has gone to the hospital to take care of Dad, so we’ll just have a simple lunch. I have to go to the office in the afternoon because we’ve clinched another two projects recently.”

Diane wasn’t really used to it yet.

She had started to regret agreeing so quickly. She hadn’t known Ethan for a long time either.

Besides, she really felt that she wasn’t worthy of Ethan.

“I’ll listen to whatever my wife says.”

Ethan wasn’t bothered at all. He believed that feelings could be developed over time.

Diane now placed the Palmer Group’s development as her first priority. She wanted to prove herself and to make sure she was outstanding enough. Ethan might not have understood this thought of hers, but Diane was determined to persevere on.

The change in Greencliff had also made many local businesses smell more business opportunities.

It was the same in the surrounding cities.

Archie rushed out as quickly as possible, and it was night time by the time he reached Oakfield.

If Steven didn’t insist, Archie really didn’t want to meet with that scary man.

“Boss Lewis,” Archie respectfully greeted him and had a smile on his face.

Ray Lewis was playing mahjong when Archie greeted him. He looked up at Archie and blew out cigar smoke as he calmly said, “Where’s your father? He sent a young punk here to talk business with me?”

Archie didn’t dare to argue back.

He awkwardly smiled, “My father has other matters to attend to, so he told me to come here to tell you that after considering the conditions you raised the last time, he’s agreed to them.”

There was a glint in Ray Lewis’s narrowed eyes when he heard this. He pushed the mahjong tiles away and stood up.

“Is that so? Looks like your father has some foresight.”

Ray Lewis smiled and walked over to Archie, and patted Archie’s shoulders. “If there’s money to be earned, we should earn it together. Young man, don’t you think so?”


Archie’s entire body tensed up. Ray Lewis made him feel a terrifying pressure as he came closer.

When it came to vicious men like Ray Lewis, Archie was a little too inexperienced.

“But my father has a condition,” Archie finally said after plucking up his courage.

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