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Chapter 112

Steven, Archie as well as Anthony Stewart and Joe Stewart were chased out of Greencliff First Hospital and were thoroughly embarrassed.

Anthony Stewart responded nastily no matter what Steven said.

He even left Steven with one last phrase: The Palmers could die for all he cared!

“Bastard! That bastard!” Steven cursed and was shaking from anger.

He turned to glare at Archie and Archie quickly tried to explain himself.

“Dad! I had already made the arrangements! 3 million! It’s that Vice-chairman who bloody tricked us!”

Steven slapped his son hard across the face. “You useless thing!”

His son couldn’t even get such a simple thing done properly.

He was even angrier that Dr John had chosen William over Joe, and now William could stand again.

He wasn’t going to allow something like that to happen.

“It was a pity I didn’t kill you in that car accident back then!” Steven fumed and his face was so threatening that Archie didn’t dare to say anything.

The Palmers had been taking hit after hit in recent days and they had suffered terrible losses.

At this rate, Greencliff was probably really going to be left with William’s Palmer Group.

Once William got to stand up again, then who would be able to block him?

Steven’s expression darkened and he started thinking about how to kill William again.

He couldn’t use Nicolas anymore, and William was protected by Ethan. There was no chance even if he tried.

But he couldn’t bear to watch William recover and watch him expand the new Palmer Group either.

“Archie, leave Greencliff right now and look for that man. Tell him that I’m agreeable to the conditions he offered the last time,” Steven coldly said. “I just want one thing. Destroy William’s family!”

Archie shuddered. “Dad…”

“Go now!”

Steven’s face was nearly twisted. “In the Palmer family, I’m the boss and nobody can threaten me. Nobody!”

At the same time.

Anthony Stewart sat in the car and looked at Joe, whose eyes had lost its soul and looked like he had no more life left in him. Anthony Stewart didn’t know how to answer to his brother when they got home.

That famous doctor had already left, and looking at his relationship with Ethan, there was no way he would treat Joe’s legs.

“Uncle, am I never going to stand ever again?” Joe spoke in a low and sad voice as he couldn’t help but start crying.

“That’s not true. There are many famous doctors in the world, we’ll think of something.”

Joe’s body started trembling. “I shouldn’t have incurred the wrath of that lunatic, I shouldn’t have…”

He started bawling.

He really regretted it now.

Anthony Stewart didn’t say anything.

“Uncle! Kill him! Kill him!” Joe suddenly looked up with a vicious glint in his eye. “Kill him to avenge me!”

“Don’t worry, the Stewarts will definitely make him pay for this!”

Nobody had ever dared to offend the Stewarts like this. This was a feud that could only be settled if either side died. Otherwise, if others knew that the Stewarts did nothing even though Joe had been crippled, they would be laughed at.

Anthony Stewart had already heard the news about how Greencliff’s illegal circle had been raided and was now left without anyone in charge.

All the bosses in Fairbanks weren’t going to let go of this profitable chance and they all had their eyes on this place already.

Especially after Eli Howard and Nicolas had both been beaten and thrown out of Greencliff. It made one feel an even stronger desire to conquer this territory.

“With just some arrangements, it won’t be difficult to kill off Ethan and family along the way.”

Anthony Stewart had his own connections, so this sort of thing wasn’t difficult to him at all.

But how could he just kill them so easily?

He was going to make sure he slowly tortured that family. He was going to make William a cripple again, make sure Ethan really became a lunatic, and that mother and daughter were quite pretty…

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